Gourmet and relaxation: Odder Park Hotel, Denmark

It’s a pleasure when one discovers warm-hearted service and gastronomic highlights in the most unexpected places. That happened last month when we visited Odder Park Hotel just half an hours drive from the second largest city in Denmark; Aarhus. If for no other reason, we’d recommend you go there for the food, friendly staff and pleasant ambiance. 

A warm welcome
It doesn’t look like a four star hotel with a recognized reputation. That would be the first thing coming to mind when pulling into the driveway of Odder Park Hotel. It merely resembles a school or a public library, but one shouldn’t be put off by this, as a completely different world emerges on the inside. The entrance is decorated with flowers and a small sign testifies that this hotel is a member of ‘Small Danish Hotels’. Last-mentioned is a union of Danish inns and hotels that has excellent and personal service as core values. And it’s a sign of quality, which we’re soon to discover.

The lobby

Odder Park Hotel is part of the ‘Montra’ chain, which owns several hotels in Jutland (western part of Denmark). Common to all of them is the family-friendly surroundings, which invites to relaxation and culinary delights.
We are welcomed by a smiling receptionist and the manager of the hotel, who informs us about the different facilities (no, they don’t include a spa, but a restaurant, a bar and a wine cellar!) and afterwards shows us to our room. We’re installed in one of the ‘Hollywood suites’, which one might name them - simply due to their interior decorations. In this way we come to stay in the Audrey Hepburn suite, which is tastefully decorated with silk curtains, a king size bed and (the best part) a private jacuzzi! However, if one prefers, it’s also possible to stay with prominent ladies such as Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Edith Piaf.
Just before our arrival, housekeeping had arranged a plate of fresh fruit, nuts, chocolates and a bottle of chilly champagne in the room, which certainly is a pleasant surprise. A small gesture of great importance.

A friendly gesture in the room

Bare necessities  
There’s quite a gap between the standard rooms and the so-called luxury suites of the hotel, and both time and money have clearly been invested in the last-mentioned. The hotel only consist of 78 rooms, and there’s no doubt that the luxury suites are one of the highlights. They’re comfortable yet tastefully decorated, and apart from the private jacuzzi they consist of a flat screen television, a minibar, a small walk-in-closet and a workstation including a Nespresso machine.

A private jacuzzi in the bathroom

A view of the Marilyn Monroe suite!

4 star quality
The restaurant, which almost seems like the pride and joy of the hotel, is decorated in dark wood and warm nuances to give it an intimate yet sophisticated look. The watchword is fresh ingredients and well-prepared food served by friendly waiters and the cuisine is Danish with a touch of South European. So with great expectations we’re walking towards the restaurant and were almost immediately assisted by the sommelier of the hotel. He explains that we’re in for a treat; a 3 course meal carefully matched with a selection of wines (all overseas). And speaking of wine…the hotel offers a fully equipped wine cellar, which might not have that charming vintage look of older cellars, but it’s newly renovated and very cosy. And the selection of both red and whites testifies to a heart-felt commitment. The cellar is popular amongst businessmen and conference guests.

The intimate wine cellar

The meal is traditional with no greater surprises, however, the ingredients are fresh as promised, and the taste is excellent. Both satisfied and happy we’re leaving the restaurant, and once again, we could look forward to yet another food experience; the brunch.
The concept of brunch is arguable, as one tends to either love it or hate it. This sort of late breakfast and early lunch provides you with a full stomach for most of the afternoon, but can leave you ravenous at dinner. The brunch at Odder Park Hotel opens every weekend and is widely popular amongst locals as well. The restaurant is completely full the next morning around 11am, however the selection of food and drinks disappointed us as bit. The most traditional viands such as Danish cold cuts, cheese and a selection of bread and crackers were to be found, but not so much more than that. Maybe I’m raising my hopes too high after several years as a traveller, but I felt like the buffet was lacking delicacies, which are to be found at many other breakfast tables. Nevertheless, it didn’t spoil our pleasant impression.

Odder Park Hotel is perfect as a weekend get-away for families and couples. There might not be much to do in the neighborhood (unless you go to Aarhus), but that’s also the charm of it. Unwind in pleasant surroundings, eat well and return fully recharged a couple of days later. Right now you can get one night for free if you book a room through the website www.ophotel.dk, so hurry up - you won’t regret it.

Odder Park Hotel
Torvald Køhlsvej 25
8300 Odder
Tlf. +45 8654 4744


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