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Must-see natural wonders of Scandinavia: Our top 5

From the windy west coast of Denmark to the volcanic fields of Iceland; Scandinavia is an area of true natural beauty. Since time and nature are considered some of the biggest luxuries of our time - put these five breathtaking natural sceneries on…

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The Best Ice Hotels In Scandinavia

Staying in a hotel made of ice and snow is a true arctic experience unlike anything you have ever tried before. We have gathered the nine best in Sweden, Finland and Norway. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The ICEHOTEL, Kiruna, Sweden   Nominated as one of…

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The most romantic getaway’s in Scandinavia

You can hate or love the concept of Valentine’s; there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s here to stay! If you’re romantically involved with someone, they might expect a surprise of some kind - why not treat yourself and…