Eat Bistro: The best Asian cuisine in Stockholm!

In connection to my visit in Stockholm in December I had the pleasure of visiting one of the current most popular Asian restaurants in the Swedish capital. The name is Eat and the food is, not surprisingly, quite delicious. Feeling hungry? Keep reading…


Trendy and central

The inhabitants of Stockholm are quite fond of eating out. In fact, it’s almost impossible to visit the capital without noticing that restaurants and cafes are almost always full. This is something I personally love about the Swedes; they know how to enjoy life and they appreciate good food! Maybe this is part of the reason why Eat is so popular. It’s Asian cuisine prepared by Asian chefs and the prices are quite reasonable too. Last, but not least it’s located in the very heart of the city, which  makes it easy to reach.


The crowd at Eat consists of business people and trendsetters from the neighborhood, or at least that’s the impression one gets when entering the dark, cosy room. The buzz can be heard from outside the restaurant, and on a Friday night the music blends elegantly with the sound of happy people celebrating with a bite and a glass. This is definitely the perfect place for a date or a cheerful night out with friends!

We were greeted by a young and very friendly waiter, who quickly after our arrival could take our orders for the night. We agreed on a bottle of white wine and the set Christmas menu, which demanded a minimum of two people - and so, we were excited to see what chef Magnus Svensson and his team had created for us.

The Jade bar at Eat

True flavors of Asia

Exactly 15 minutes after our order had been placed, the first course was served, and during the night a true cornucopia of Chinese delicacies appeared. This is what we had:

  • Crystal dough bundles, crispy corn, pork, enoki mushroom
  • Spring rolls with grilled loin of pork, black pepper, onion
  • Tuna sashimi, Yuzu dressing, smoked chili
  • Crispy shrimps, sweet and sour sauce
  • Chinese BBQ ribs
  • Peking duck, ginger, cucumber, scallion, chili, Hoisin sauce and pancakes
  • Pineapple with coconut sorbet, roasted coconut

My personal favorites included the crispy shrimps and peking duck, which literally made my day. Definitely some of the best Chinese food I have ever had. My companion felt the same, although she opted for dish number one and two in terms of favorites. Either way, sharing and enjoying food the Chinese way,  is always a fun experience!

Crystal dough bundles
Crystal dough bundles

The dessert was, as stated above, a delicate and very refreshing coconut sorbet on a bed of freshly sliced pineapple. The perfect way of ending an exotic meal with the true flavors of Asia.

Eat Bistro is open for both lunch and dinner from Monday through Saturday. It’s recommend to reserved a table in advance.

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Eat Bistro: The best Asian cuisine in Stockholm!

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