Mortens Kro Aalborg: An international dining experience

In the heart of Aalborg, the third largest city in Denmark, a beautiful dining experience awaits. Even though it has existed for more than 15 years, it’s still one of Aalborg’s absolute main attractions and we were definitely not the only ones flocking here on a Saturday night! Mortens Kro is worth every penny, and if you happen to find yourself in Aalborg anytime soon, you’d do yourself a favor to visit. Here’s our review. 

The name is actually kind of misleading, as ‘Kro’ means ‘inn’ and you’ll find the exact opposite when entering the place. It’s definitely not an inn, but a modern restaurant with neon lights, designer furniture and up-to-date cuisine, but it’s all part of the irony that almost seems equivalent to the concept of the restaurant. Irony, in this sense, is good and it seems to appear in both the interior design and the food. An almost international ambience prevails, making it hard to distinguish this restaurant from trendy establishments in New York and Paris.

Pink lights and Möet

The owner of Mortens Kro, Morten Kok Nielsen, is a respected chef with more than 20 years of experience, and ever since he was a child, he’d wanted to start a restaurant of his own. In 1997 that happened with Mortens Kro, which quickly rose to fame on the Danish food scene, but he’s also involved in several other restaurant projects. In person he’s both friendly and down-to-earth, and it’s quite obvious that food is so much more than a necessity for him - it’s a lifestyle.

As we’re seated in the restaurant it’s already packed with people from both far and wide (we’re informed of the many visitors from Sweden and Norway), and the atmosphere is great. The interior is characterized by modern features mixed with Danish design, and it’s emphasized by the lounge music and, for some, provoking neon lights in purple and red colors that shines down on us from above. Even in the toilets art is also making an entrance, and once again irony and playfulness is the centre of attention. But that’s only until we get to taste the food…

We begin with a glass of Möet champagne, which seems to be the signature champagne of the restaurant, served in the the right Möet champagne glasses. Home roasted nuts and bread is is placed on our table as a pre-snack, and we can begin to focus on the real deal; the menu. It’s clear and easy to overlook - no hidden agendas or dishes that needs in-depth explanation. Morten propose that we have a taste of five different courses - actually we’re not informed about this from the beginning, leaving me almost bursting at the end of the night, but we agree. The first course coming to our table is an appetizer. Subsequently we’re taken through courses consisting of both fish and meat, and nothing seems to be missing. All the way through Morten and his team cater for us and ensure, that we’re fully covered when it comes to beverages, and I notice that the level of service is definitely somewhat higher than in the average Danish restaurant.
It’s very hard to choose one favorite course from another, but my heart skips a beat when the starter is served; a classic lobster soup with a twist. It’s very delicate, especially in harmony with the outstanding wines. We’re introduced to both overseas and Austrian wines, but my own personal favorite derives from Washington and definitely makes an impression with its freshness and fruity notes.

A dark side of the interior

The dessert is almost too much to handle on top of the substantial meal, but apart from that there’s definitely no complaints from our side.
There’s no doubt about it; Mortens Kro in Aalborg is worth the visit - and more than that! It’s a true international dining experience in its most favorable manner, and I’d never hesitate to make the four hour drive from Copenhagen to witness this kind of gastronomic adventure again. Let’s hope the restaurant will stay true to its current form and continue to spoil both Danes and visitors from abroad.

Morten Kok and myself

For more information on Mortens Kro check out www.mortenskro.dk 

Adress: Mølleå 2-6, 9000 Aalborg
Open: Monday-Saturday 17:30-22:00.


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