Travel for food: Top 5 food spots around the world

What better way to experience a new culture than to dive into their culinary scene? Food vacations are more popular than ever and countless travelers are planning their next trip solely around food markets, gourmet restaurants etc. Here are 5 of the top destinations for those, who are ready for a gastronomical adventure! 


1. Barcelona

Barcelona finds itself enjoying a number of unique cultures that have been slowly blending together for thousands of years. Along with heavy Italian and other European influences, ingredients in many of their most common dishes include heavy accents of African and Middle Eastern culture. This includes the staples of their diet such as olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, fish, eggs, and nuts.  For a delicious meal in an intimate and sophisticated setting, try the modern Catalan cuisine of ABAC. With a total seating capacity of 56 diners, you are ensured that your experience in gastronomic excellence is a relaxing one.

2. Monterrey

For most that are vacationing in Mexico, Monterrey is going to be just off the average tourist’s map. Monterrey is a blend of old world charm and a bustling modern city and the food matches this odd development. Goat is the specialty of the area, but it is the savory tacos that takes first place in popular foods here! Almost every food stand, food truck, restaurant and household have their favorite blend of meats, sauces and homemade tortillas. For a particularly inspiring meal, visit celebrity chef’s Adrian Herrera’s inviting little bistro Fonda San Francisco located in the San Pedro Neighborhood. It’s delicious recipes are inspired by pre-Hispanic cooking.

3. Los Angeles

Blending exotic cultures from around the world is always a recipe for amazing food. Along with the countless sights of Southern California, Los Angeles is the perfect location for a food vacation. Travelers can head over to downtown LA for Philippe’s original French dip sandwiches and then take a few minute ride to Bob’s Market Grocery Store in Santa Monica for fresh ingredients to make a beachside picnic. There’s plenty of options!


4. Bangkok

When it comes to Bangkok, the cuisine is all about savory street food. The street food revolution has been going strong for over 10 years and Bangkok is often considered the capital. The Khaosan Road district is popular for authentic cuisine and travelers will notice influences ranging from French bistro foods to Indian curries. Aquatini Bar & Restaurant is a riverside restaurant that is both popular with hotel residents and those passing by. Feast on Thai delights and European dishes as you take in breathtaking views of the spectacular Chao Phraya River and Rama VII Bridge.

5. Buenos Aires

For carnivores, who find themselves on the hunt for unbeatable meat, the grilled parilla of Buenos Aires makes one of the most enticing options for any food vacation. For a truly memorable experience head to La Cabrera. Once inside, waiters in crisp, white shirts and berets deliver gigantic slabs of  grilled meat on wooden boards. This collection of grilled meats comes with a wide variety of flavors - all cooked over an open flame.  Locally-made beers and wines are a great way to wash down the huge portions of flavor-packed steaks and sausages.


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