Tour de Benelux: Snapshots from my new life


I love my life here in Belgium! During the past week I’ve had so many great experiences - i.a. our road trip ‘Tour de Benelux’, where we went by car from Belgium to Holland and Germany. We started off by renting a car in Bruges and our end destination was Dortmund in Germany, where we visited one of the largest event fair in Europe. But before that we also had time for a quick stay in Maastricht in Holland - and on the way back we had a stop over for lunch in Brussels! God, I already love that city!

Description of the photos above:

1. My heart beats for chai latte and in my opinion Starbucks makes the best one! They had a cosy little place in Dortmund.

2. Cheesecake has never been my favorite amongst desserts, however, a friend of mine recommended this sweet treat at one of Brussels popular cafés: Café l’Ultime. She was right and I’ll definitely return soon! Café L’Ultime, Rue Saint-Boniface 14, 1050 Bruxelles.

3. In Maastricht I found a small perfumery that sells the amazing Casamorati perfumes. The Italian brand was founded as a perfumery in Bologna in 1888 and ever since these little babies have won so many prices! My favorite is the ‘Lira’ version - the one in gold. It has notes of citrus fruits and lavender and smells amazing!

4. A snap shot from the event fair in Dortmund.

5. What does one do with an 800 year-old church without a community? In Maastricht they change it into a café and a bookshop! You can get a solid breakfast here every morning - and pretty good coffee too! Selexyz Dominicanen, Dominicanerkerkstraat 1, 6211 Maastricht.

6. I was introduced to this beautiful little thing on the fair in Dortmund; a McLaren 12C Spider. Why not??!

7. A shopping scoop: black suede loafers with skulls. Very comfy - especially when it gets a little warmer!

8. A thoughtful moment over-looking the streets of Brussels. It’s -6 degrees and I’m freezing!

9. The happy guys from Flair Force made us some exotic cocktails on the fair in Dortmund!