Top 10 cities to visit in 2015

According to travel news, 2015 will be an exciting year in terms of traveling and exploring different continents of the world! Personally, I can’t wait to begin my year of traveling, which will (most likely) take me to one of the following places. Nevertheless, here’s the top 10 cities to visit in 2015:


Toronto (Canada)

With a population of 2,6 million people, Toronto is the fifth-most populous city in North America. The city is full of things to do and see - and Niagara Falls is only 90 minutes away by car! If you choose to go there, it’s definitely recommendable to explore the surroundings areas as well, but the city will undoubtedly keep you busy as well if you’re into food and shopping! Almost half of the population of Toronto was born outside Canada, and that kind of explains why the food culture in the city is exploding with different flavors and colors!


Chennai (India)

India has been a popular travel destination for many years, but while cities like Mumbai and Delhi are “oldies” on the must-see-list, the city of Chennai might be new territory for many. Chennai is formerly known as Madras and it’s currently the 3rd largest city in India. It’s also the biggest industrial and commercial centre in South India. Even though the city is also called ‘Detroit of India’ due to its thriving automobile industry, it also charms visitors with long, sandy beaches and a hectic cultural life.


Washington DC (USA)

Washington equals The White House, but it’s also beautiful monuments, historical charm and a mouthwatering food scene.
The city was founded in 1791 to serve as the new national capital, and today visitors can have a peek inside the the Three Houses of Government including the U.S Capitol Building, the White House and The U.S Supreme Court. Also take a walk through Georgetown - the historical city centre of Washington located at the waterfront. Here you’ll find a thriving food scene comprising of several restaurants serving everything from Indian and Turkish food to traditional American and Mexican delicacies. Visit the Mount Vernon Estate (which was once the impressive home of George Washington) to add an extra dash of glamour.


Vienna (Austria)

One of my favorite European cities is also included in the list! Vienna has been neglected by travelers for a long time, but now things seems to be changing - maybe because the Austrian capital really has it all! It’s one of the most impressive, not to say beautiful, cities in Europe due to its never-ending palaces, churches and baroque architecture, that can literally take your breath away.
Must-do’s when in Vienna includes a visit to the famous Hotel Sacher to taste the even more famous Sacher Tort, which was invented more than 150 years ago. Also make sure to pop by the amazing Hofburg Palace and the Spanish Riding School, which is recognized all over the world as well. For more information about what to do and see in Vienna click here.


El Chaltén (Argentina)

Chaltén means ‘smoking mountain’, and that’s exactly what you’ll find if you go to this beautiful mountain village in the Santa Cruz province in Argentina. The village is named Argentina’s Trekking Capital and for this reason alone it attracts nature lovers and adventurers from all over the globe.
The village itself was established in 1985 to help secure the border with Chile and the weather is primarily cold and windy, regardless of the season. El Chaltén solely exists due to tourism, and visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of Los Glaciares National Park, explore the trekking facilities or climb on the surrounding mountains of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy.

El Chaltén

Milan (Italy)

Another of my European favorites; Milan - the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. Italy is an incredibly diverse country, and what you experience in the south is much, much different from the culture in the north. Milan is a rich city driven by commerce, fashion and design, and it has plenty of beautiful architecture and culture to explore. A trip to this chic capital should definitely include a visit to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where one will find one of Milan’s best-known attractions; Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Also make sure to visit the 500-year-old Duomo (cathedral) and climb to the roof, where it’s possible to see all the way to the snowy Alps - on a fine day! And of course….have a coffee break at one of the traditional cafés, where being chic and watching people go by is all part of the package.


Zermatt (Switzerland)

Whether you’re an avid skier or hiker; Zermatt has something for everyone! Being one of the world’s most famous ski resorts in the Swiss Alps, the town attracts thousands of nature lovers and skiers every year, but it’s also breathtakingly beautiful during summer.
Zermatt is located just at the foot of the famous Matterhorn and a handful of other peaks including Mont Blanc, and this in particular makes it a popular place for visitors, who can enjoy over 400 kilometers of walking trails and 245 kilometers of pistes.
My personal must-do’s when visiting Zermatt, apart from skiing, is to pass by one of the luxurious hotels and world class spas. They’re world-famous and definitely worth visiting! From hotels I can recommend Firefly or Monte Rosa.


Salisbury (UK)

The historical town of Salisbury is located in the south western part of England. Apart from being very charming, Salisbury is a melting pot of history and culture, which makes it the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. Records of the town dates all the way back to the Iron Age.
The impressive Salisbury Cathedral was built in 1092 and has the highest spire in the country. It’s definitely worth a visit, even if you aren’t interested in history! It’s also recommendable to pay Old Sarum a visit - it’s 2 miles north of the town and reveals a mighty hill fort, where the first cathedral (of the Iron Age) once stood. Stonehenge is also quite close to Salisbury.


Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

The city of Plovdiv is more than 6.000 years old, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world! In my perspective, an obvious reason to go! It’s also the second largest city in Bulgaria (after the capital of Sofia), and an important economic, cultural and educational center.
The old city centre with its hilly cobble stone streets is a must-see when in Plovdiv! You’ll find several ancient theaters and amphitheaters from the Roman Empire, and in connection to this, Nepet Tepe Hill is definitely worth a visit! The hill contains various archeological layers with the oldest one being from the Bronze Age.


Valetta (Malta)

I clearly remember my 10th birthday, which I celebrated in Valetta. Even if I was only a child, the spicy air, warm nights and beautiful, historical surroundings made an impression on me - and I want to go back! Valetta is surrounded by clear blue waters - some of the clearest in the Mediterranean - and it’s a celebrated destination for its more than 300 sunny days a year and rich cultural life. A visit should include a meal at Ambrosia or Trattoria da Pippo and an exploration of Grand Master’s Palace and St. John’s Co-Cathedral (both from the 16th Century).