A day at Serendip Spa / Brussels

 My deep passion for spa and wellness is no secret. However, the amount of time I’m using on finding the best one in the world is. It’s somewhat time consuming to always be on the lookout for the perfect spa experience, but nevertheless, I feel incredibly lucky when I finally find bliss in one of these heavenly places. Not all that shines is gold - but the Serendip Spa in Brussels definitely is a golden experience! They claim to provide the best massage of your life (!) and after trying it out I can honestly only agree! If you too want to experience some serious self-indulgence and if you find yourself in or around Brussels - do read on!

A good start
Only minutes after my arrival I was offered a nice cup of herbal tea and a pair of comfortable slippers. I was also handed an iPad in order to answer some questions about myself and my health before the treatment could begin. 
There was time enough to sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere, which was very much influenced by Asian artifacts and deep red and golden colors. One instantly feels relaxed when entering the small yet charming rooms and isn’t that the whole point of going to a spa?
Finally my therapist arrives. It’s a man and he’s from Thailand. I notice that Serendip only hires professionally trained therapists from e.g. Thailand and I quickly understand why. 

One and a half hour in Paradise
The happy massage therapist, who’s called by the name Mr. X, picks me up in the lobby and shows me to the actual wellness area downstairs. I receive a key to my very own changing room with a shower and I quickly get ready for the 1,5 hours massage.

The treatment is set to take place in a small yet very cosy room only lit up by candlelights and marble colored buddha figurines. The fresh smell of lemon grass reaches my nose and it’s easy to imagine myself laying by the pool in some exotic spa resort - or said in another way: I quickly forget that I’m actually in a basement in Brussels!
As if he already knows me, Mr. X asks me if I have problems with my bag and if it needs special attention. It certainly does! My neck and shoulders are killing me due to loads of editing and writing, and the good massage therapist instantly takes care of this! He begins with 1,5 hour body massage followed by half an hour of the ‘finger-tip face-lift’, which is a treatment aiming to tighten up the skin so quickly that one can actually see the results just minutes after! I’ll get back to that later.

Holistic face lift
I was half way asleep after the amazing massage, so Mr. X had to wake me up. We were now ready for the facial, which consisted of a series of ‘pressures’ on certain areas of the face - a technique also being used in acupuncture. The treatment is called ‘Unique Finger-tip Face Lift’ and it lasted for app. half an hour. Afterwards Mr. X gave me a mirror so that I could see the difference from before. And there was a difference! My skin seemed somewhat smoother and firmer, which only made my day even better.

Serendip Spa offers sections of treatments for those who want firm, soft skin without the use of surgery.

Time to say goodbye
After the treatments I was offered some tea and water, after which Mr. X disappeared into another room. He was so discrete and professional, which only improved the experience - and I definitely wasn’t ready to leave after 1,5 hours in heaven! However, I had to admit that ‘the real world’ was waiting and I quickly jumped into my clothes and met the owner of the spa, Melissa. She seemed to be very well-aware of the effect these treatments have on the clients, and I immediately understood why a great deal of the busy business people of Brussels are flocking to Serendip Spa on a weekly basis. This is massage at its best - conducted by the most well-trained staff possible. And it’s flexible; drop in for ‘fast track’-treatment if you’re busy -  treatments are shortened to max. 30 minutes, but the effect is just as good.

Read more about Serendip Spa HERE. 

Serendip Spa
Place Stephanie 18
1050 Bruxelles

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