“Offline” Is The New Luxury: Why you should live in the present

In a time where cell phones are many people’s closest ally and a laptop reaches the importance level of food and water, it’s time to put both things down and look at life. LIFE. Especially if you - like me - are working online. Let’s face it - there’s always something to work on and the list is endless, but people living in the present are the happiest. Here’s why “offline” is the new luxury.


Get to know yourself

In a world where everyone is trying to be everything all the time, it can be hard to hear your own voice. Cause yes - the internet is an amazing experience, but it’s also a time consumer that takes away focus from what really matters. I’m the first one to admit my love for online medias, but I also finally understood the importance of “letting things go”. When you do too, you’ll realize that getting to know yourself and what YOU like is a fun task. Start by booking a weekend trip for yourself (it may sound scary, but it works!) to somewhere peaceful, where internet and phones can be tucked away for a couple of days. If that’s too heavy, allow some time everyday for yourself; go for a long walk, read a book, meditate. It’s the small steps that lead to a bigger change. And that big change is inner peace and increased self-esteem (there’s a great power in being your own best friend).


Stop comparing yourself

It’s easy to compare oneself to everyone else - especially if they’re better at something! While this might especially be a problem for women, guy’s tend to do it as well - and it just leads to nowhere. A pure waste of time. So next time you’re gazing at something which seems to be “perfect” (we all know that don’t exist, right?!) and your mood starts dropping afterwards, remember this; Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.”  You’re not born to live anyone’s life but your own. 


Start living intentionally

Too many people today live their life without any though to who they are and who they’re becoming. Due to this so many lives are lived as a reaction to the events taking place around them, for example through the internet. Controlling your thoughts can be a tricky task, but the brain is like a muscle; the more you train it, the stronger at gets - so practice your self-discipline and make a plan for your life; where are you know and where do you want to be in five years? Living intentionally adds so much pleasure to your life as you’re suddenly in charge of the actions - they’re not in charge of your’s!


Start appreciating your social relations

It’s so easy to catch up with people online - social medias keep you on track with everything in everyone’s life. But that’s not always a good thing. If you “unplug” for a while, or at least just a day or two, you’ll start realizing who your closest friends are and who’s around when it really matters - and that’s never online, but offline. It’s proven that being social, not only online, is good for your health - and real laughter is just the best medicine! How ironically it may seem, being online myself almost all the time had made me realize the true luxury of being “offline”. Cause let’s face it; there’s no greater value than sharing unique moments with a friends, family or a partner. So pull out the plug and start embracing the people around who. You never know, they might need you more than you think.