The lifestyle coach: Focus on what really matters!

What do you focus on? Do you tend to fill your head with things you can’t cope with? You know….those irritating and disturbing things you can’t possibly solve anyway, no matter how you try. OR do you actually focus on the things that really matters in life? Take a good long while to think about it and be honest to yourself. 

As human beings we have a tendency to let worries, problems and mistakes take up most of our thoughts unless we have the power to control it. And as soon as one challenge is solved we’ll gladly take on another one with the result that we’re left even more frustrated than before.

We often take things for granted, especially things or people that are integrated in our daily life - but what if one of these things or relations just stopped working? How would we react? I especially think about basic situations like getting behind the wheel and go to work. Do you remember to appreciate the fact that you actually have the luxury of a car? Or do you find yourself annoyed about your fellow drivers and their lack of driving skills?

It all comes down to maintaining the right focus or to focus your attention. In the beginning this will take a lot of concentration and awareness - it’s very hard to be in control of the mind. It’s exactly the same when it comes to breaking a habit. But in the end it’s more than worth it!

As soon as you actively start to focus your attention on the details and little things in your everyday life, you’ll begin to feel much more energetic and happy. Why? Because insignificant things take up a lot of space in our mind and suddenly you’ll realize how much you have to be thankful for! And thankfulness, as we all know, is breeding ground for joy and happiness.

This is not the same as just sweeping it under the rug. Of course certain challenges need to be faced an acted upon, but don’t let them dominate your life. By focusing on them you’ll actively allow them to grow and fill your life with frustration and regret.
If the problems lie out of your reach and you’re not in a position to influence them in a positive way, let them go and find something to be grateful for instead. As for example the traffic. No matter how much energy you use on other drivers and their lack of driving skills, you can’t affect their behavior.

From now one I want you to be more aware of the good things around you. Focus on your thoughts and where they’re leading you. And then ask yourself if you’re maybe trying to create attention on something else - something you shouldn’t pay attention to?

Emilie Krogh is a professional lifestyle coach and existential adviser. Read more about her on www.emiliekrogh.dk

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