Nibu Boots: Scandinavian design on the go

With more than 121 days of rain in Scandinavia, it’s essential with a pair of quality wellingtons. But why be old-fashioned and dull when you can be fashionable and elegant? 


Design meets quality

Some prefer traditional while others seek innovative. When it comes to wardrobe items such as a good old pair of wellingtons, we don’t mind if they stand out a bit. And that’s exactly what Nibu Boots does. With a sleek design made in one piece (no stitches), these boots are both waterproof and soft to wear. And one boot only weighs about 700 grams.


On-the-go with a pair of Nibu’s

The 'Copenhagen Black' boot

The ‘Copenhagen Black’ boot

While Nibu present a variety of different models and colours, our must-have for the season is the simple yet elegant ‘Copenhagen Black’ - a classic boot with a matt finish. The price of €135 (999 DKK) might seem a tad bit expensive for a pair of wellingtons, but they’re easy to pair with any outfit making them an essential part of a female Scandinavian wardrobe.

For more information go to www.nibuboots.com 


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