Going out in Paris: Drinks at the legendary Buddha Bar

 Not too long ago we brought an article about the new spa- and skincare line of Buddha Bar, but it wasn’t nearly enough testing the products. We needed to pay the bar a visit as well to really get that oriental feeling under the skin. Two weeks ago we found ourselves in Paris visiting the bar, which is not exactly what you’d expect of a traditional Parisian bar, but then again….it’s not! We’d definitely recommend this place if you happen to be in the cité d’amour. Lay back in the comfy couches, have a signature drink and a snack, and enjoy the oriental and extravagant atmosphere, which is very distinctive for this place.

For more than 15 years Buddha Bar has embellished the street of Rue Boissy d’Anglas in Paris. This bar is the very first of its kind and since the beginning many rock stars and top models have lounged in the cosy rooms. Today you’ll find the Buddha Bar concept spread all over the world with both spas, bars and hotels, yet there’s something magical about this bar. It’s the very first and many people have come here through years for a night cap or a pre dinner snack.

The humble entrance doesn’t reveal any signs of extravagance, however, that might just be part of the plan. Cause once you find yourself inside a new world appears! The first thing that greets you might be a hostess, but if she’s not around you’re welcomed by a gigantic buddha and hundreds of square meters reserved for the dining people. The exotic kitchen here is world famous and as they say, “you’ve never tasted anything like it before”! Nevertheless, we settled for a signature drinks in the cocktail lounge, which is located high above the ceiling with a splendid view of the restaurant. The perfect spot for a romantic date!

We received a guided tour followed by a tasting of the three most famous cocktails, of which one of them was prepared at the table by two waiters! Peculiar ingredients and a flambé was included in the preparation of the last-mentioned, while the two other drinks consisted of more conservative ingredients like basil and orange.

Buddha Bar is open for lunch and dinner during weekdays, but only for dinner and cocktail through weekends. The kitchen is a sublime mix of Asian and French, wherefore you’ll find both sushi, Chinese specialities and sweet desserts on the menu. Furthermore, the place has its own private sushi chef.

If you want to combine a visit to the bar with a visit to the spa this is possible from May 2013, where Paris will be pampered with its very own Buddha Spa as well.

Buddha Bar is located in more than 20 countries. If you feel like going you can check them out HERE.


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