Hotel openings in 2018: My handpicks

There’s a lot to look forward to this year in terms of hotels and hotel openings! Here’s a selection of my European favorites. Which ones do you want to visit the most? 

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Vintry & Mercer, London

Nostalgic boutique design hotel on the banks of the Thames. 

Why I love it: from velvet curtains to leather door handles; the detail is in focus at this cozy hotel that kinda feels like home away from home. There’s something nostalgic and very romantic about Vintry & Mercer.

vintry & mercer

The Fontenay, Hamburg

Modern lakeside luxury meets architectural splendor

Why I love it: Hamburg is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, and the newly opened The Fontenay is a clear reflection of its ‘joie de vivre’ and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Like the city itself, this luxury hotel pays homage to its surrounding water, which has made Hamburg a famous merchant’s city in the first place. The timeless and contemporary design is a breath of fresh air on the international hospitality scene.

the fontenay

Hotel openings in 2018: My handpicks

Raffles Europejski, Warsaw

Classical luxury in historical settings 

Why I love it: You might’ve heard of the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore (you know, the one with the ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail) - now, you can enjoy their first hotel in Europe, as they’re soon opening their doors to Raffles Europejski. Located in a building from 1857, which once housed one of the most luxurious hotels in the Russian Empire, this elegant and quite intimate hotel truly puts Poland on the world map in terms of luxury travel.

Raffles Europejski Hotel


Singer Palace Hotel, Rome

Cozy boutique hotel in the heart of ancient Rome

Why I love it: A 30-room boutique hotel set amongst the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps. Need I say more? I’m a big fan of anything unique and that’s exactly what Singer Palace is! Wooden floors and marble details, personal service and a lovely rooftop with a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my eyes, a true Roman hotel experience!

Singer Palace Hotel Rome


Hotel Vilón, Rome

A secret escape in Rome’s historical center 

Why I love it: I admit that Rome is one of my favorite cities, so when I’m presented to a hotel like Hotel Vilón, it’s hard to hide my enthusiasm. Settled in a historical mansion over-looking famous Villa Borghese, Vilón offers (in my eyes) the perfect blend of classical and contemporary. The interior is super sleek and stylish with a very personal touch to it - and in just a few seconds, you’re surrounded by some of the world’s most iconic architectural gems.

Hotel Vilón, Rome

The Bodrum Edition, Turkey

Casual elegance at the Aegean Sea 

Why I love it: I don’t have much experience traveling in Turkey and I’ve never visited Bodrum, but seeing a hotel like The Bodrum Edition makes my feet itch from wanderlust; I need to go as soon as possible!
A beautiful resort with private villas, gardens, pools and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea plus an infinity pool and a state-of-the-art spa. Life’s good at The Bodrum! It’s quite big though, so look elsewhere if you prefer smaller hotels with an intimate atmosphere. 


KviHotel, Budapest

One of the most innovative hotels of our time

Why I love it: It’s all in the name. KViHotel - or “Hotel of Tomorrow”, as it’s also called - is a 40-room four-star hotel dedicated to the future; basically all control is handed over to the guest upon check-in via a smartphone application. The hotel group TMRW calls it a revolution of the hospitality industry and I believe it is. There’s barely any staff, so everything from check-in to check-out is managed by the guests themselves. Like it or not; it’s efficient and very already popular amongst travelers who wish to save time and energy. My honest opinion? I’m intrigued, but also a bit scared…

KviHotel Budapest


Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel, Mallorca

A bohemian retreat for body and soul

Why I love it: Mention the word ‘bohemian’ and I’m all ears. There’s simply something very pure and free about the concept of boheme - both in the traditional and in the modern sense of the word. If you get what I’m saying, you should pay Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel a visit when it opens in summer. The hotel, which is located in gorgeous surroundings by the sea, is an ode to creativity and laid-back lifestyle - or as they call it ‘Gypset Style’. Doesn’t sound too shabby in my ears.

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Mallorca


Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Holistic well-being in spectacular settings

Why I love it: There’s a new wellness retreat in town - or in the town of Mystras; a 13th century UNESCO World Heritage site in the Greek Peloponnese. Located about 2,5 hour’s drive from Athens, Euphoria offers ancient Greek wellness treatments while guests are overlooking the spectacular scenery of mountains and olive groves. The retreat is in true harmony with nature yet still offering state-of-the-art spa facilities stretching over four (!) floors with a 25 metre Waterwell in the middle. Do you feel relaxed already?

Euphoria Retreat Greece


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