A unique travel experience: diving the Red Sea in Egypt

All scuba divers at one point or another yearn to dive the Red Sea. Time and time again it crops up on divers’ wish lists. What is it about this particular body of water that captures the imaginations of so many? 

Open to both the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aidan, the Red Sea is the northernmost tropical sea. The warm climate and minimal rainfall makes this a warm and salty place to dive. The calm, clear waters create amazing visibility for divers of all levels making this diving spots amongst one of the world’s top Coral reef.

There are an incredible variety of dive sites, each showcasing abundant marine life. Choose from shallow patch reefs, drift dives and walls, interesting wrecks, vibrant coral reefs, plateaus, lagoons, caves and underwater gardens. The 1240 miles (2000 km) of coral reefs are home to over 1200 species of fish as well as dolphins, turtles and 44 species of sharks. It’s no wonder that the Red Sea is one of the 7 Wonders of the Underwater World.


Towards the north, there are several beautiful wrecks, including the Thistlegorm and Kingston, which are popular dive sites. The Thistlegorm wreck is regarded by some as being the best wreck dive the world has to offer.

Hurghada is the second biggest diving destination in Egypt, Africa. Explore 4 beautiful wrecks, the Abu Nuhas Reef, or learn to scuba dive in these ideal conditions.


The Ras Mohamed National Marine Park in the south Red Sea is also well worth a visit. It includes Tiran and Sanafir Islands as well as Shark and Yolanda Reefs. Shark Reef was regarded by Jacques Cousteau as being one of his top ten dives of all time. The nutrient rich water in the National Park is home to barracuda, unicorn fish, batfish and sharks.


Marsa Alam, located further south, has year round warm waters and great visibility. In these peaceful waters you can often see bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, turtles, sharks, and sometimes a dugong.


Article Written by: Roxanne Genier from LuxeInACity, a Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Magazine.

A unique travel experience: diving the Red Sea in Egypt

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