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colourful nuuk

A mini-guide to Nuuk, Greenland: The highlights

Have you ever wondered how a true Arctic travel experience is like? Now you can embark on a journey with us to colourful Nuuk; the capital of Greenland, which is the biggest island in the world! Here are our recommendations on where to eat,…

møns klint

4 reasons you need to visit Denmark

Being the southernmost and smallest of the Nordic countries, Denmark is inhabited by a little more than 5,6 billion people and showered with vigorous nature and more than 400 islands. Here’s an ode to my own home country – and why…


5 must-visit towns in Sweden

There are more than 2000 kilometers from the South of Sweden to the North, so it truly is a country of great diversity. Start exploring these five beautiful towns, which all reveal something unique about Scandinavia’s largest country.  Sponsored  Visby…