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Zenz: Sustainable Hairdressing & Eco Beauty Since 1999

Zenz has been around for nearly 20 years, but this Copenhagen-based organic hairdressing chain continues to revolutionize the business. About a month ago, I went to have my first ever organic hair treatment – and I was quite surprised. Here’s why… Sponsored The…

sleep on travels

Travel hacks: How to be fully rested on your travels

Sponsored We’ve all been there. We finally arrive at that once-in-a-lifetime destination – only to be too tired to go explore!  Traveling can be hard. Moving from one place to the next, trying new foods, mastering new customs and coping…


Supernomad GIVEAWAY: Win 2 x Gift Vouchers

We’re continuing our anniversary giveaway’s with an exciting collaboration with Supernomad! Last-mentioned is a UK-based website offering chic travel gear for women from distinguished brands such as Becksondergaard, Lily & Lionel, Connock London and Elvis & Kresse. In the assortment,…

kari traa

Kari Traa GIVEAWAY: Win exclusive yoga outfits

Norwegian brand Kari Traa is one of the fastest growing sports brands in Europe. Founded by Olympic champion and freestyle skier, Kari Traa, in 2002, the idea behind the brand is to create feminine and high quality sports and training…


How to build a successful freelance career

“How did you get started as a freelancer?” and “How do you stay motivated?” These are some of the questions I receive most frequently when coaching freelancer’s. While I can easily say that I thrive being a freelancer, I also know…

vintage travel

An ode to vintage travel: 1950’s and 1960’s

Tourism is a never-ending story of travel tales, hopes and dreams, and it’s constantly developing to meet the needs and demands of travelers. So let’s stop time for a moment to appreciate what once was, and let’s have a look at…


Editor’s note: How I celebrate Christmas

Christmas to me is sacred. Even though I love the different seasons, there’s nothing quite like December. I grew up in a family where traditions mean a lot – and they still do – so a Christmas without them would be empty….