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ocean pollution

Plastic pollution: How do we save the oceans?

If you travel on a regular basis, you’ve probably already noticed the large amounts of waste and plastics accumulating in our precious Earth. It obviously didn’t happen over night, but we all have a responsibility to learn about this massive environmental issue….

vintage travel

An ode to vintage travel: 1950’s and 1960’s

Tourism is a never-ending story of travel tales, hopes and dreams, and it’s constantly developing to meet the needs and demands of travelers. So let’s stop time for a moment to appreciate what once was, and let’s have a look at…


Show the love: InfiniteLoove jewelry

December is a time for giving and receiving love. What better way to show that than by wearing it?! The Danish company InfiniteLoove creates unique jewelry consisting of two symbols: the heart and the infinity symbol. Eternal love. The ideal…

the copenhagen traveler

Launch of The Copenhagen Traveler Productions

It’s been a long time coming, but last week we could finally present our sister company, The Copenhagen Traveler Productions. Being passionate about tourism, we felt the need to establish a production company specializing in the travel industry. Get to know…


All I Want For Christmas: 6 Gifts That Make A Difference

Let’s face it. Unless you have nerves made of steel and a (very) large portion of patience, Christmas shopping can be a rather horrid experience. Why not spoil your loved ones this year and give something back to the environment…

marc jacobs

Celebrating glamour with Marc Jacobs Decadence

The Copenhagen Traveler is – and has always been – an ode to old-world glamour and hedonism. Hence, I immediately said yes when the chance of participating in the Marc Jacobs ‘Decadence’ campaign showed up. The word ‘decadence’ tells a story…

bolinder stockholm

Travel in style with Bolinder Stockholm

I’m not a fashion blogger, but quality fashion items have always caught my eye. The feeling you get when setting your eyes on a really nice bag or a pair of distinctive shoes that you simply know will stick with you for…


Desenio: Posters and prints with a touch of wanderlust

I’m a fan of posters, pictures and paintings – anything that can add a sense of personality to my home. Hence, I was stoked to get acquainted with the webshop Desenio, who produce quality posters, prints and frames with a touch of…

bmw 330e sedan

Drive in style: BMW 330e Sedan plug-in hybrid

Driving comfort and eco-friendliness in one sleek package. That’s basically what the new BMW 330e Sedan is all about. There’s no denying that cars of the future run on electricity, but what if you still need to adjust? If you…