Zensual Woman: An Inner Coaching Journey With Ly Aunapu

Once in a while, you meet authentic people who you truly connect with on a deeper level. Life coach Ly Aunapu, is such a person. Based in Australia, but mainly working her magic on Skype, she helps women all over the world to become more confident, whole and happy with themselves. 


Love and accept yourself

“Want to be in a sizzling hot relationship with yourself?”  is the first sentence you’ll see when entering Ly Aunapu’s website, ZenzualWoman.com. My guess is that most of us would say yes – especially in times, where social media, self-comparison and unreal body images are growing proportionally. For some reason, the human brain (perhaps especially the female version?) is programmed to constantly evaluate and critique, and most often, the target is ourselves. This is why I initially found Ly’s coaching sessions so inspiring; they’re targeting what many of us modern women are battling with; guilt, self-criticism, low self-confidence and a feeling of emptiness.

We live in a world where we’re constantly being evaluated – and evaluating ourselves – and the madness begins when we’re just young girls. I guess most females wish to grow up to become confident women in touch with their femininity, but with an increasing pressure from the outside world on how should be, act and look, it’s so terribly easy to loose that feeling. We adapt, we toughen up, and in the end, many of us feel empty and lost. Cause who are we really? Do we accept and love ourselves as who we truly are?

Create magic through inner work

If all this resonates with you, you’ve come to the right place! Through guided visualizations and mindfulness practices, Ly helps you to let go of unhealthy mental patterns and undesired beliefs from your past, whether it’s family-related, in connection to love, economy or something completely different. The universal truth is: once we start working with ourselves, there’s no way back – and magic will happen. When you change, your surroundings change. It’s really as simple as that.

Although I won’t pinpoint the content of my sessions with Ly, I can say that they dealt with core essentials of my life, e.g. family relations – a universal topic, which many of us would benefit from diving into once in a while.

A session typically lasts for a couple of hours (although this vary from person to person), and you’ll be surprised just how efficient a Skype session can really be. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning (“it can’t be the same thing as sitting face to face with a coach!”), but the connection was instantly there, in the literal meaning of the word. Although I’ve never met Ly in real life, I feel like I’m already quite close to her – and that’s pretty amazing given the fact that we’re actually 15.000 kilometers apart.

Are you ready to begin your inner journey? Then check out this link.

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Zensual Woman: An Inner Coaching Journey With Ly Aunapu

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