Worldwide office solutions - Regus is the answer!

I have always been a fan of creative work spaces and that’s why it was love at first sight when I first heard about Regus. Today, I’m an avid user of their worldwide office solutions, which stretch from  Are you in need of professional working spaces when you’re abroad, too? Then continue reading. 


From Kenya to Copenhagen

It all began with a business man in need of professional office space. Entrepreneur Mark Dixon had noticed the lack of office space available to traveling business people for a long time, and - like many other - he was tired of working from hotels. Shortly after, he founded his first business center in Brussels. The year was 1989 and 27 years later, Regus has developed into an actual office empire with more than 2000 business centers worldwide.

Lounge space at Regus Copenhagen Airport

In numbers it’s 900 cities in 120 countries, which makes it easy for travelers to find a working space when abroad. Apart from “the regular destinations” such as New York, Paris and London, Regus also cover more exotic destinations such as Nepal, Kenya and Jordan! Personally, I’m personally using the Copenhagen based offices (there are 17 offices in Copenhagen alone, including one at the airport!), simply because they’re easy to access, clean and tidy - and coffee and WiFi is included! 🙂 But how are they different than other work spaces around the city? The simplest answer would be ‘the surroundings’.

Meeting facilities in Copenhagen (Havnegade)

A flexible solution

While I do value creative and open work surroundings, it’s incredibly important to me that they’re also of a certain standard. It feels safe that every office around the world has that same standard - fresh newspapers, fast WiFi, access to coffee/tea and central locations are just some of the perks. Clients can choose between several office solutions fitting to their needs, for example meeting spaces, virtual offices, video presentations and business lounges (which I’m a member of myself).

Being a frequent traveler, business lounge access is the ideal solution for me! It includes flexible office spaces on-demand whether you’re abroad or in your own country, and you can choose to sit in an open lounge area or in one of the so-called ‘think pod’s while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee. If that’s not an ideal solution for a generation of ‘digital nomads’, I don’t know what…

Business Lounge in Copenhagen (Nørreport)

You can read more about Regus here and the Copenhagen-based offices here. 


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