Roadtrip in Southern Spain: From Madrid to Malaga

Spain is one of my favorite countries when it comes to road trips. In a few hours, you can get from one amazing destination to another – and tapas, sun and laid-back atmosphere is all part of the package! Join me on my latest trip from Madrid to Sevilla by car.

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Our itinerary

Starting point: Madrid

If I was to move to a South European city, it would probably be Madrid (or Lisbon!). Apart from being the capital of Spain, Madrid is located in the heart of the country, making it easy to get around. And it’s one of the greenest capitals in Europe. On our road trip, we chose Madrid as the point of departure, but first we got to spend 2-3 days in the buzzing capital, where culture and excellent food and wine seems to be the heart.

Obviously, a road trip demands a comfortable car, preferably with good speakers for your self-compiled playlist (like this one!) There are many companies offering cheap rental cars, but Easy Terra has been one of my favorites so far.

On top of Madrid!


Roadtrip in Southern Spain: From Madrid to Malaga
The best tapas can be found at Juana La Loca

A couple of days in Sevilla

“The frying pan of Spain”, Sevilla, is the largest city in the region of Andalucia. Summer’s are hotter here than anywhere else in the country due to its inland position, so you might want to avoid going here in July and August! Fun fact: When Columbus ventured out to find ‘the new world’ in 1492, he began his journey from Sevilla. The city is very charming offering lots of cultural and historical sights, not to mention the winding Medieval alleys with tapas restaurants and cool bars. Many travelers prefer cities by the coast of Spain, but neglecting Sevilla would be a shame. Oh, and it’s one of the only destinations in Spain where you can be more or less sure of the warm weather (last December, temperatures sneaked up around 25 degrees!)

Sevilla comes to life at night

Passing by Gibraltar

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to base their vacation on staying in Gibraltar, cause to be honest, the city isn’t the prettiest. Still, it’s very old (archeologists have found remains from Neanderthals living in the area more than 30.000 years ago!). The Mediterranean and The Atlantic Ocean come together at the foot of Gibraltar, and the Gibraltar rock is famous for its many monkeys. Definitely worth a visit – maybe combined with a lunch at the marina.

Driving to Gibraltar in the summer heat

Ending point: Malaga

On the last leg of our trip, we decided to pass by Marbella on our way to the final destination, Malaga. I would recommend visiting both cities anytime! Marbella, a classic vacation spot international Jet-setters , is slightly smaller than Malaga, but it’s also more laid-back. Due to its position in the region of Costa del Sol, the climate is mostly sunny and comfortable, and the luxurious lifestyle is certainly tempting. Driving from Marbella to Malaga takes a little less than one hour.
Malaga on the other hand, is the 6th largest city in Spain and the main business of the city is olive- and wine production. Due to the climate, it’s one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain, but if you avoid high season and come here in September or October, it’s really worth it!

Biking on the harbor promenade of Malaga


The Danish adventurer and poet, H.C. Andersen was also fond of Malaga!


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