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les gets

Checking in at Les Marmottes in Les Gets: An Alpine Paradise

For decades, Les Gets has been a European favorite amongst winter sport enthusiasts, and maybe especially those with an infinity for French culture and idyllic mountain settings. But how’s it like during summer? And where should you stay to truly enjoy the beautiful…

ocean pollution

Plastic pollution: How do we save the oceans?

If you travel on a regular basis, you’ve probably already noticed the large amounts of waste and plastics accumulating in our precious Earth. It obviously didn’t happen over night, but we all have a responsibility to learn about this massive environmental issue….

sri lanka

Sri Lanka: 10 reasons to visit in 2017

If you’re up for amazing wildlife experiences, lots of culture and a breathtaking scenery, Sri Lanka should be on top of your bucket list for 2017. Here are 10 good reasons to go as soon as possible. 1. It’s an…

the copenhagen traveler

Launch of The Copenhagen Traveler Productions

It’s been a long time coming, but last week we could finally present our sister company, The Copenhagen Traveler Productions. Being passionate about tourism, we felt the need to establish a production company specializing in the travel industry. Get to know…

dusit thani

A vacation of dreams: Welcome to Dusit Thani in Maldives

I’ve written several pieces on Maldives now, but one can never really get tired of this breathtakingly beautiful destination. Taken into consideration that it’s also a country heavily affected by climate changes, there’s no time to loose if you want to experience…

eco travel

How to travel more responsible: what can you do?

Chances are you travel. Maybe even a lot. If so, you have a responsibility of considering the effects it has on our climate. Cause although aviation is still a rather small industry, it definitely has a large impact on global…

eco travel

How to travel green: 6 easy steps

There are so many things you can do to help protect the environment – not least when it comes to traveling! If you follow (at least one of) these simple steps next time you’re going abroad, you’re already helping create…