Mini get-away: Stay in a castle in Southern Sweden

Being raised in Denmark, just north of Copenhagen, it has been a tradition to visit the beautiful landscapes of Southern Sweden during summer holidays. The region Skåne, which once belonged to Denmark, is full of historical castles and culture, which simply has to be explored. Pack your bags and stay for a weekend in one of these beautiful castles to explore the true Swedish spirit and culture. 

Häckeberga Castle
Only one hour’s drive from the Øresunds bridge you’ll find the breathtaking Häckeberga Castle, which is definitely worth a visit. The castle was built in 1872, but in recent days it has been completely renovated and modernized. The surroundings are stunning and it’s recommendable to take a long walk before dinner. Inside the castle you’ll find 27 well-equipped luxury rooms and the intention is to give guests a true gourmet experience from the very beginning to the very end. The kitchen is a mix between Swedish cuisine and modern food culture, and delicacies like herring, goose and local produced cheeses are very popular here. It’s also possible to experience both wine and whiskey tastings. You won’t find anything better than Häckeberga if you’re looking for a genuine Swedish hotel experience. Häckeberga is also an ideal destination for for golfers due to the hotel’s collaboration with the nearby golf clubs, Romeleåsen GK and Assartorp GK, which can be reached within 10 minutes from the castle.

Häckeberga Slott
247 98 Genarp

For more information on Häckeberga go to: http://www.hackebergaslott.se/



Snogeholms Castle
The area surrounding Snogeholm Castle is said to be some of the most beautiful nature the region has to offer. The castle was erected as a French baroque castle in the 1860’s and it’s surrounded by a big lake, Snogeholmssjön, approximately 15 km. north of Ystad. The nature area surrounding the castle itself consists of 800 HA of woods, lakes and fields, and there’s more than 10 walking paths in the area. Furthermore, It’s possible to get a glimpse of both deers and wild boars in the area.  The hotel offers 46 rooms and the kitchen serves traditional, Swedish delicacies based on local ingredients. The castle has recently been closed for renovation, but is now open to the public again. 

Snogeholms Slott
Snogeholmsvägen 834
SE-275 93 Sjöbo

For more information on Snogeholms Castle go to: http://www.snogeholmsslott.se/


Snogeholms Slott

Snogeholms Slott

Bäckaskog Castle
Approximately 15 km. north east of Kristianstad a beautiful and very old castle emerges. It’s Bäckaskog Castle dating back to around 1210, when it served as a monastery. During the Reformation in 1536 the castle was closed down and the buildings were assigned the Danish king. In 1678, during a Swedish war, a governor by the name of Rutger von Ascheberg moved to Bäckaskog and from 1685-1818 the castle played an important role of the swedish regiment. In 1818 crown prince Oscar took over the castle and in many years hereafter Bäckaskog served as a summer residence for the royal family.  Today the castle is a beautiful and inviting hotel for guests enjoying it’s exciting history and charming surroundings. The castle offers 60 rooms, which are both located in the main building and in several buildings scattered around the park. If you worship nature and all it’s glory it’s recommendable to take a stroll down the many walking paths surrounding the castle. The park offers a herbal garden, which also goes by the name ‘the biblical garden’. Here you can find historical plants and herbs mentioned in the bible as well as a romantic rose garden and orangery.  In ‘Bastuhuset’ it’s possible to enjoy the outdoor jacuzzis (heated of course!) with a view towards the lake. 

Bäckaskog Slott
Barumsvägen 255
290 34 Fjälkinge

For more information on Bäckaskog go to:


Bäckaskog Slott

Bäckaskog Slott


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