Alter Meierhof: A five star spa venue in Northern Germany

Sometimes one has to make room for spontaneous weekend get-aways – especially if the destination is easy to reach. The idyllic Alter Meierhof is, and with only a 1 hour drive from Hamburg and 3 hours from Copenhagen, this 5 star hotel offers way more than just German efficiency and sublime service. Here you can reload at one of the best spas in Northern Germany and indulge in tasteful interior decoration and beautiful views towards the fjord. I went to visit the place for 24 hours and this is what I experienced.  Idyllic settings One hour North of Hamburg and approximately 10 kilometers south of the Danish border in Flensburg; right there you’ll find the distinguished and very well-kept spa hotel Alter Meierhof dressed in a charming timber framing and endowed with  a breath-taking view, which can only leave you relaxed and satisfied after a stay here. Flensburg Fjord is located at the foot of the large green lawn on which the hotel has been throning on since 1999. And with this view I began my 24 hours here with a good long walk along the beach. The small yet historical town of Glücksburg is located only 10 minutes by car from the hotel and there’s a great story connected to it as well. In the last half of the 19th Century the town was place of residence for the Danish royalty and later the Norwegian king and his entourage. Up to this day one can still find the remarkable castle of Glücksburg, which can be explored during day time, and of course the splendid nature. 

En pæn velkomst i den smukke have!

Great views!

In the lobby of the hotel I was met by a beautiful interior decoration oozing of cosiness and elegance – something that’s actually a trademark for the rest of the hotel as well. There’s 54 rooms in total and they’re all a great mix of contemporary art and antiquities adding a luxurious yet homely touch to the hotel. I stayed in the ‘Fjordblik Deluxe’ room – a 45 m2 room with an amazing view towards the fjord and, the best part, a large bathtub from where one can actually see the fjord. The friendly staff made my day by serving both sparkling wine and fresh fruit upon my arrival – something that’s actually a normal procedure on Alter Meierhof and a small detail, which has added to the great reputation of the hotel. The level of service is top class and I was met by smiles and friendliness from the moment I arrived. 

Vores værelse; 'Fjordblik deluxe'

A Fjordblik Deluxe room

A fivestar spa experience Together with the location the absolute force of the hotel is definitely the impressing spa area. The ‘Hof Therme’ is inspired by the bath culture in the Oriental countries and it spreads over more than 1.400 m2. Time simply stops when you enter this area and the relaxed atmosphere really ensures that every fiber in your body de-stresses. The spa had the majority of my attention during the 24 hours I spend at Alter Meierhof and it was more or less inevitable. If you want the full advantage of the spa area you should stay for more than 24 hours, but the sauna area and impressing swimming pool simply can’t be avoided. The pool is divided into two sections – an indoor part and an outdoor part, meaning that one can easily swim into the heated pool outside surrounded by the beautiful nature.

Den smukke spa-afdeling med 'Hof-Thermen'

The ‘Hof Therme’

Den udendørs pool er opvarmet, og kan derfor også benyttes om vinteren!

The outdoor pool is heated meaning that one can also use it during the winter!

The spa also contains a Hamam (a Turkish steam bath) and a Rasul (an Arabian spa ritual with mud). If you’re more into treatments like relaxing massages and facials, these can be ordered in the reception. I enjoyed a Decléor aroma massage, which definitely made a perfect end to a long day!

Om sommeren foregår visse behandlinger også udendørs - her med udsigt over fjorden!

Enjoy an outdoor treatment during the Summer

Alter Meierhof is one of the few hotels in Germany offering the spa concept ‘Shiseido Beauty Farm’, which is build upon Japanese ‘Qi-rituals’; a new concept combining different massage techniques with exclusive skin products. It’s pure luxury and the prices start at 75 EUR for 30 minutes. Two Michelin stars Even though one travels to Alter Meierhof alone for the spa and wellness facilities, it’s hard to get around the hotel’s passionate relationship to the culinary experiences. The food is definitely the center of attention, but in different ‘levels’ so to speak. ‘Meierei Dirk Luther’ is the culinary flagship representing the modern French cuisine with no less than two Michelin stars. Even though it sounded tempting, I had my dinner at the Brasserie, which also goes under the name of ‘the heart of the hotel’. No Michelin stars here, but an open ‘show kitchen’ and a great view towards the fjord. The food at the Brasserie is international with local elements, and a main course costs from 18 EUR and up. My experience here wasn’t the best, but that certainly changed the next morning at the breakfast buffet! In my opinion, the breakfast is an important indication of the standard of a hotel and at Alter Meierhof I was very pleasantly surprised! Apart from the freshly made fruit bowls and homemade pancakes one could indulge in the best smoked salmon I had for ages, a cheese table and a wide selection of charcuteries and cakes. I believe it can be discussed whether cake is mandatory on a breakfast table or not, but when in Germany do as the Germans! 

Panorama-view fra Meierei Dirk Luther

Restaurant Meierei Dirk Luther

Alter Meierhof is the perfect get-away in terms of five star gourmet and relaxation. It’s easy to fall in love with the spa area, the nature and the warm-hearted hospitality, just to mention a few things. Here’s everything you might need and more – including peace and quiet, which is something often lacking in a hectic everyday life.  I literally can’t wait to visit this place again! For more information on Alter Meierhof go to www.alter-meierhof.de.

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