5 things to do around Berlin for Easter

Having lived in Berlin for half a year now, I have slowly gotten to know the different hang-outs and must-see’s in the city (avoiding the tourist spots, of course). Easter is a great time to visit the German capital, but it’s also a great time to escape the hectic city life and explore the rural areas surrounding it. Are you consider traveling to Berlin for Easter? Then you might want to check out these 5 things. 


1. Festtage 2017

Every year around Easter, Berlin’s famous ‘Festtage’ take place. A wide range of operas and concerts can be enjoyed at the Staatsoper, e.g. the new production of Strauss’ impressive ‘Die Frau ohne Schatten’ and Wagner’s dramatic ‘Parsifal’. The Wiener Philharmoniker orchestra puts the icing on the cake. If you’re a fan of classical music and culture, don’t miss out on the Festtage 2017! Click here to see the full program.

festtage 2017


2. A day trip to Potsdam

Around 100 years ago, Potsdam had the same size as the capital of Berlin. That’s obviously not the case anymore, but this neighboring city – and the main city of the region of Brandenburg – certainly still deserves a visit! And to be honest, one day is not enough. Still, you can easily get here by train (approximately 45 minutes from Berlin city center).
Potsdam has everything Berlin doesn’t have: stunning nature, beautiful architecture and a cultural heritage that has luckily been preserved through time! The city was damaged through World War II as well, but re-constructed as it looked before, and the old castles, palaces and parks can still be visited. You’ll feel the presence of history when strolling the cobbled streets – and let’s not forget the wide selection of cosy cafés and restaurants.

For more information, go to www.potsdam.de



3. Explore Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island)

Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, Pfaueninsel in Wannsee, is a popular yet still quite unknown destination for both Berliners and tourists visiting the city. If you need to escape the hectic city life, Pfaueninsel is the ideal place to go! Since the 17th Century, the island was used for rabbit breeding by the Royal family until it was left deserted for about 100 years. In 1793, the Prussian king Frederick William II acquired the island and had a small castle built for himself and his mistress. At that time, there was a number of exotic animals living there, including peacocks, hence the name. Today Pfaueninsel remains a symbol of idyll of nature, and to reach the peaceful nature reserve, one has to arrive by ferry from Wannsee (€2).



4. Indulge in fresh asparagus

Asparagus, or spargel, as they’re called in German, is a very popular delicacy all over Germany. Especially the white version is sought after, and even though the season has only just begun (usually it starts in late April, but it’s sooner this year due to warm weather), it’s definitely time to enjoy them now! If you’re in the Berlin area, you certainly need to visit Beelitz in the region of Brandenburg. This place is famous for its asparagus farms, where guests can watch them being prepared and afterwards enjoy a meal at a nearby restaurant. The most popular way to serve it? With boiled potatoes, sauce hollandaise and maybe even a schnitzel. Officially asparagus season runs until June 24th (Mid-summer).


Photo: lifestyleasia.com 


5. Spa in Brandenburg

So you’re craving a bit of wellness after a long and tiring winter? Search no more! Berlin obviously houses a number of spa’s, but if you want to escape the masses, head straight to Brandenburg. Calm down, enjoy the fresh air and check in to one of these spa hotels in the region:

  • Bleiche Resort & Spa (regarded as one of the best in all of Germany!)
  • Resort Mark Brandenburg (the famous Fontane-Therme is part of the complex)
  • A-ROSA Scharmützelsee (renovated for – hold on – €3,5 million in 2015, this place is spitzenklasse!)
  • Gut Klostermühle (lovely location in a forest on Lake Madlitz)

Be aware that most hotels are running low on capacity during Easter, so if you haven’t already booked, you might opt for a day excursion.

bleiche resort

Happy Easter! 🙂

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