5 Essentials For The Stylish Traveler

If there’s anything you don’t need when traveling in style (and trying to travel light!) it’s to lack the absolute travel essentials…we’ve found them for you and included them below – so you don’t ever have to leave home without them!

The obvious: Passport (with a cute cover!)

While you can live without certain stuff while traveling, there’s no way you can go without your passport! And since it’s the most essential thing to bring, why not make it a little festive? Personally, it makes me happy to look down on a colorful passport cover instead of the boring shell that most people carry around. Do yourself a favor and buy one in good quality – it will definitely serve you as a great travel companion!

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The needed: Smartphone + apps

Yes. It’s almost impossible to live without a smartphone today, and not only because you’ll might get in trouble and need to phone someone – the phone serves as an excellent camera and GPS as well. There’s also several apps that will come in handy whether you’re traveling alone or not. My favorites include: FlightTrack (keeps you updated on thousands of international flights, maps, departure gates etc.), Packing Pro (literally helps you pack your bags! Just insert destination, length of trip and who you’re traveling with – and you’ll receive a suggested (and detailed) packing list!)


The crucial: Refreshing Face Mist

I can’t say it enough; staying hydrated while traveling is essential! It obviously helps to drink water, but spraying it on the skin prevents dryness, irritations and even fatigue to some extend. I always carry a face mist in my bag and even though I’ve tried several good ones, I always tend to stick to one; Mayawater Facial Mist with organic goji and Norwegian thermal water.

facial mist

The luxury: A chic yet spacious bags 

There’s probably nothing worse for a traveler than a bag with lack of space. Where should you put all your stuff? And what about the things you’ll might buy? Make sure to invest in a good travel bag with plenty of space for both little luxuries and essentials like clothes and shoes. The size and style of it should obviously be chosen after how and where you prefer to travel (backpacking and a luxury leather piece doesn’t go hand in hand!), but my personal favorite has been a Mulberry leather bag for quite some time now. It might be more handy with a suitcase on wheels if you have to walk a lot, but a genuine good-quality leather bag is just so much more chic!


The comfortable: Sunglasses 

A good pair of sunglasses are needed on any vacation! Choose a classic yet stylish pair, so you can wear them with anything. There’s plenty of brands out there, but one thing’s for sure…you’ll never go wrong with a pair of Ray Ban’s! Find your pair here. 


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