Winter inspiration: 4 exotic get-aways

While winter in Northern Europe certainly has its charm, we still prefer long, sandy beaches and plus 25 degrees. A good thing that booking a ticket for any exotic destination has never been easier! Need inspiration? Ticket2travel has the answers to your prayers! 



The city that literally never sleeps (or one of them at least!) If you’re going to Bangkok you’re sure to get your dose of city life, shopping and culture. The weather is hot and steamy almost all the time, so make sure to plan a trip outside of the city for at least a couple of days. The best time to visit Bangkok is from late November to mid January - the so-called ‘cool season’. Truth is, it’s not cold at all, but much more comfortable than during the rainy season.
The city has been nominated the world’s most visited city, and even though it’s true that you’ll find pollution and people everywhere, the city has so much to offer that you have to visit at least once in your life! Beautiful, green parks, amazing shopping options and a crazy nightlife will convince most travelers.


Koh Samui

Ok, we know. Koh Samui might be a hot spot for tourists, but that doesn’t make it less attractive. This grand old lady has been in the tourist business longer than any other Thai island. Long, sandy beaches, authentic food stalls and beautiful buddhist temples are scattered around the island, but if you’re searching for that non-touristic ambience head to the south or the west of the island. Here you will find authentic restaurants and shops which are still not heavily influenced by tourists. Oh, did we forget to mention that Koh Samui offers a broad variety of luxury resorts and top beach accommodations that will undoubtedly leave you pampered from head to toe? Well, it does.


From Miami and Key West to Disneyland and amazing turquoise water. Florida has got it all! It’s a popular vacation destination for American’s, but more and more Europeans have been charmed as well by the weather, the ambience and ‘the good life’, which seems to be very describing for Florida.
When you’re not relaxing on the beach or taking a swim, opt for a snack on one of the many cosy bars - or attend a pool party with hundreds of other party goers! We prefer ‘Nikki Beach’, which really sums it all up; enjoy life and get a tan! Fun fact: Miami is the only major American city founded by a woman (Julia Tuttle in 1875).


Another evergreen made it to our list! Hawaii never goes out of style if you just want to relax and get as far away as possible (from Europe, that is..) While you probably would choose another destination when it comes to shopping and culture, Hawaii certainly has its charm when speaking of nature and outdoor facilities! The weather stays more or less the same throughout the year and that’s great news! It’s always sunny and warm and there’s plenty to do if you’re into surfing, biking, hiking, swimming…or if you have a thing for volcanoes and beaches (there’s more than 400 of them!) Hawaii remains one of the most beautiful and luxuriant islands in the world!


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