Why you should visit Nuuk, Greenland

Greenland isn’t like any other destination in the world: it’s unique in every single way. From the minute you step out of the airplane, you’re encountering with thousands of years of history – and that feeling stays with you forever. Once you’ve experienced the grandiosity of Greenland, it’s almost impossible not to come back for more. We did – this time to explore the magnificent capital of Nuuk, which was founded in 1728 by a Danish-Norwegian priest.

“Colourful Nuuk”, it’s called. Not only because of the many colorful wooden houses, which are still inhabited by locals and had a very practical meaning back in the days; they signalized where to find the doctor, the grocer’s and the school. The term also covers the fact that Nuuk is a capital in development. The local art and food scene is booming – and so are the many local entrepreneurs from the area, who wish to make a difference for the Greenlandic people and lead Greenland into a safe future.

Nuuk is inhabited by approximately 17.000 people, but the amount of different nationalities found here, is astonishing. Most come here for work, others out of curiosity. One thing is for sure, though: Nuuk captures your heart and reconnects you with the ancient tribes that we’re somehow all still part of deep down inside. Words alone won’t do it justice, so watch the movie below. We made it on our recent trip to this Arctic paradise.

If you make it to Nuuk, we recommend you staying at The Seamen’s Home (Sømandshjemmet) for a traditional and quite unique experience. Nestling in the harbor and over-looking the ocean and surrounding mountains, this is the ideal place to stay if you wish to connect with the spirit and locals of Nuuk! Read more about it here.

Did you know…?

  • Nuuk was founded by the Danish-Norwegian priest Hans Egede in 1728. He was sent here by the Danish king in 1721 to find the Norsemen (also known as Vikings). He never found any Norsemen, but locals also known as ‘Inuits’.
  • Nuuk is the main city of Sermersooq municipality. The area is the same size as France, but it’s only inhabited by 21.000 people.
  • Nuuk consists of three big neighborhoods, which are all rapidly growing. There are no trees due to the city’s location above the tree line and the Arctic environment.
  • Greenland has had a home rule government since 1979, but the country belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark.


For more information about Nuuk, visit www.colourfulnuuk.com

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