Vacation in Paradise: Why you should visit Maldives

Some posts are a drag to finish while others almost write themselves. This one belongs to the last category. I mean – vacationing in Maldives is a subject I could probably ramble about forever – but I won’t. Instead, I’ll go ahead and show you why you MUST add this destination to your bucket list (if you haven’t already). Welcome to paradise volume I. 


Visit before it’s too late

You’ve probably heard about it a million times: Maldives is a shrinking paradise. Unfortunately, it’s the truth, and if the current climate changes continue, scientists predict that the Maldives will be completely gone in 30 years! The tsunami in 2004 swallowed no less than 20 islands, which were permanently erased from the map, and the remaining 1.200 islands are threatened too. It’s an expensive destination, but it’s definitely worth it, so start planning your trip to paradise soon!

dusit thani
Chilling at the Dusit Thani resort

Enjoy world class beaches 

long, white-sand beaches as far as the eye can see – that’s all part of the unrivalled luxury of Maldives! If you’re not a fan of beach hopping – and spending lots of time on the beach – this destination might not be your one true match, but if you are: get going! With 1.200 islands scattered around the Indian Ocean, there are more world class beaches here than anywhere else in the world, and yes….they all look like something out of a bounty fairytale (that is white, soft sand – with no grains – and perfect, clear turquoise water!)


Enjoy world class snorkeling 

Maldives is one of the highest ranked destinations in the world in terms of snorkeling! When I went there a couple of months ago, I stayed at the luxurious Dusit Thani on ‘Mudhdoo Island’, which offered direct access to some of the world’s best preserved coral reef. In fact, the island region of Baa Atoll is Maldives first UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve! With water this clear and corals so well-preserved, snorkeling here is a dream coming true.

Snorkeling here should be on your bucket list!

Indulge in the ocean like never before 

You’ve probably guessed it by now: Maldives is all about unique ocean experiences. Snorkeling, water sports, swimming, beach hopping and sunset watching are just a few of the reasons why you must visit one of islands. Surely, there are plenty of other fabulous destinations around the world offering first class ocean experiences, but there’s no place like Maldives when it comes to being a part of it. Even if you’re just passing by for a few days, the majestic Indian Ocean creeps under your skin and suddenly you understand and respect the ocean like never before. People here depend on it for food and transportation. So go ahead and have the dive of your life, indulge in all the fun water sport activities and enjoy the freshest and most delicious sea food you’ll ever come across.

indian ocean
Maldives, June 2016

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