Thoughts on becoming a mother (in Berlin) - Part II

Some of you might have read Thoughts on Becoming a Mother (in Berlin) - Part I, which I wrote back in January when I was 8 months pregnant. Fast forward a couple of months and I’m through the first month of motherhood with my baby sleeping sweetly on my arm. It might only be 7.30PM, but I’m already exhausted and nearly falling asleep while writing this, cause… hello, new life with no sleep (at least not like before) and absolutely no schedule (at least not like before). Something I reckon all new mothers can relate to, and that’s kind of the beauty of it. When you become a mother, you sort of become of member of a special club that grants you certain super powers like surviving on very little sleep, getting up several times a night to nurture your baby and still manage to keep an overview of the house (or trying to, at least) and plan the days ahead. And you know what? I absolutely love it. Yes, sleep deprivation is hard, especially if you’re self-employed and trying to grow your company on the side - as if motherhood isn’t a full-time job in itself. It is! But having a child simply makes sense. I can definitely recommend it - if you think you’re ready for it 😉

I’m a mother now, but I’m still an entrepreneur by heart. The first weeks was all about getting into the new rhythm and trying to understand what just happened. Like literally. But now I slowly feel the urge to work again. Truth is; once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, and I don’t see why you shouldn’t embrace that like I do (IF you’re self-employed, that is). I hear of so many women who feel guilty because they’re trying to manage both business and baby. They’re constantly blaming themselves for loving their job next to loving their baby, but if both gives you joy - why not?! To me, good parenting is when you’re happy and fulfilled in your life, and if that includes working on your biz, so be it. I’m convinced that my son can feel the enthusiasm and happiness I get from working, even though it might be hard at times. So to all my fellow mamas who are trying to build a career on the side; keep your dreams and visions alive! Your drive and determination is an excellent example for your child - as long as it’s done with balance.


So far, it’s great being a mother in Berlin. Despite the size of the city (3,8 million people is no joke!), the child-friendliness of this capital amazes me every day. At least in our kiez (that’s German for neighborhood), Prenzlauer-Berg, which is notoriously known for being the hub of young families. The same thing goes for the neighboring kiez’es. Berlin is a family-friendly capital if you keep away from the most crowded areas. Still, living on 5th floor is not recommendable. Yes, I know: many people warned me before moving in to our flat; “you’ll regret it once the baby is there!”, “it only makes everything so much harder!”, they said. After only one month of parenthood, everything is manageable, but it’s already a struggle juggling stroller, groceries and baby, who now weighs the same as half a big watermelon. So I mostly bring him in a carrier and consider myself lucky to get a free leg and butt workout on a daily basis 😉 Any other urban mothers out there in the same situation? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Hopefully soon, we can travel to see the grand parents, who unfortunately are a bit far away - on both sides. I totally get the genius concept of having your parents close when you become a parent yourself, but for now, I’m just happy that my home country is only 45 minutes away by plane. And that living in a big city like Berlin grants you so many other benefits. Everything is just around the corner and there’s always something to do (with and without kids). I may not want to live here on the long run, but I consider myself lucky to be leading the life I want. I can’t wait for the months to come, especially because this city is just nicer in plus degrees. Summer in Berlin - I’m so ready for ya! Now with a baby on my arm 😀

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on becoming a mother (in Berlin) - Part II

  1. Beautiful read! Glad you love it in my hometown 🙂 If you like to connect with another mom from Berlin (I have a 2-month-old) - leave me a message! Happy to hear from you, Diana

  2. Nearly two years into motherhood and my husband and I are still trying to figure out how to balance parenthood.

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