Thomas Kjær Uhlig: Cosmetic treatments at its best in Copenhagen

What was regarded as spectacular and transcendent 20 years ago is no big deal anymore - at least not when it comes to cosmetic treatments with Restylane or Botox. An increasing number of both men and women embrace the fact that they too can get plump lips, less wrinkles or fuller cheeks. We consulted the professional cosmetic therapist Thomas Kjær Uhlig in Copenhagen to achieve fuller lips - here’s our review.

Cosmetic treatments handled with care
In recent years it has become widely popular and less tabooed to consult cosmetic therapists and even surgeons to achieve better looks - or at least what one think is better looks. It’s all about how we feel and what we see when we look ourselves in the mirror everyday. It’s so very wrong to compare ones look to others and especially to feel the need for change just because society dictates certain role models in various industries. ‘Big lips, skinny hips’ was the name of a lipgloss I once tried and at the time it was tremendously popular. Why? Because women believed in the fact that it could be their real superficial lifesaver! Obviously one didn’t get bigger lips or skinnier hips by using the gloss, but the idea totally sold itself. When that is said and done I still truly believe in the benefits of cosmetic surgery - when it’s done in a proper and natural way. In Denmark we still don’t have long traditions of people going under the knife, but still many consult cosmetic therapists and private clinics in order to improve their looks. They just don’t say it out loud. 

The procedure and the actual treatment
I have wanted to try out Restylane for quite some time. I’ve been an addict of the so-called ‘Oxygen lift’ for several years, but it’s not the same and it definitely can’t conjure up fuller lips that lasts for several months. So I decided to try out a lip injection treatment with Restylane and I found the perfect spot for me to do it; Thomas Kjær Uhlig in Frederiksberg, just in the outskirts of Copenhagen. It’s a private clinic with only few employees, but the surroundings and ambience is great.

Before you can receive any injections with both Botox or Restylane you need to go through a personal consultation with a nurse to make sure you have no allergies etc. Plus it’s a good way for you to ask any questions you might have about the treatment, possible side effects etc. I had a consultation at the clinic about a week before my treatment.

The day arrived and I was asked to appear half an hour before the treatment to receive the anesthesia. It sounds a bit intimidating, but the anesthesia is over in less than half an hour. A cream is simply applied to the lips and the surrounding area of the lips - and then you wait….not a pleasant feeling, but not too bad either. I was just looking forward to getting it over with and to see the actual result!

It was clear that the nurse was used to handling treatments like this, she gave me some advices for the ‘after treatment’ - how I should take care of the swelling that would appear already a couple of hours later. And I sure needed those advices, but we’ll get back to that in a minute!

The actual treatment lasted approximately 15 minutes and it did hurt a bit. The anesthesia obviously helped, but for someone whose pain tolerance is quite low, you basically just want to get through it! And so I did and only minutes later I was leaving again. One can understand why treatments like this are often referred to as ‘lunch-break treatments’. It’s fast and super efficient!
Before I left the clinic I received a freezer bag and the message that I shouldn’t make any plans for the rest of the weekend (this was a Friday!) I didn’t and I thanked myself for that.

The aftermath
My lips seemed OK for the first couple of hours, I even went out for a glass of wine with a friend, but during the evening my lips were rapidly swelling. The freezing bag came to good use and I stayed in pretty much the whole weekend.
It wasn’t super comfortable to experience neither the swelling nor the ‘stretchy’ feeling that appeared in and around my lips and continued for 2-3 days, but the result was worth it. After approximately 3 days the swelling had settled and things ‘were back to normal’ - only with fuller and more luscious lips!

It’s both amazing and fun that it’s actually possible to get fuller lips in no time, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who want to try it out. However, it shouldn’t be abused, cause that’s the reason why so many have a twisted relation to the world of cosmetic treatments. The Thomas Kjær Uhlig private clinic in Copenhagen handles this with care, common sense and a great aesthetic eye. Add it up with pleasant surroundings and well-educated staff and you have the perfect combination.

Want to know more about Thomas Kjær Uhlig? Check out their website here. 

Thomas Kjær Uhlig
Rathsacksvej 1, 2. th
1862 Frederiksberg C


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