Something about dietary supplements – and my new ambassadorship.

I admit it. I never really understood the hype about dietary supplements. I mean, if you eat the right things during a day, it shouldn’t be necessary, right?! Today, I think differently about it, cause I know it’s not that black and white. In this post, I’ll outline the pro’s and con’s of supplements – and tell you a little about my new ‘titel’ as ambassador of the Danish supplement brand Novo Vita. 

novo vita kosttilskud
My selection of supplements from Novo Vita

The history of dietary supplements can basically be traced back to the origins of civilized man. The use of herbal medicine is not new; in fact, the earliest known written records we have of such supplements, date back 6.000 years!! Funnily enough, our ‘civilized’ world didn’t pay much attention to supplements before the 1990’s when an American law drastically changed things and made the knowledge of supplements more accessible. And here we are. Never have so many dietary supplements seen the light of day – and that can obviously make it hard to decide which ones to go for! I’m not a doctor nor an expert in medicine or the like, but I’ve done a lot of research in the area. And I know that there are certain vitamins I just done get sufficient amounts of through my daily food and drink intake. D-vitamin, for example.

novo vita kosttilskud
My current favorite: BalancedEnergy+ with red grape and berry.

I need to stress the fact that supplements should never replace real and healthy food, but the right ones can be great boosters and help you get adequate amounts of your essential nutrients. In my busy everyday life as a mother and entrepreneur, these little boosters help me stay focused and I feel good knowing that I’m fully covered in terms of vitamins. And in my opinion, that’s deeply connected to living a mindful life.

This is why I’m now collaborating with the Danish brand Novo Vita as one of their ambassadors. It’s a certified brand that puts emphasis on pure and active ingredients, and all their supplements are developed in Denmark and produced within the EU. On their website, it’s easy to browse their different products which are divided into categories, e.g. ‘energy & concentration’, ‘stress’ and ‘fitness’. I naturally chose to focus on supplements from the first-mentioned category, cause – hello, motherhood!
Below is a selection of the supplements that I take, if not on a daily, then a weekly basis. What I do take every morning though, is the MultiBoost+ (multi vitamin and mineral with acai and turmeric) and the AstaOmega+ (fish oil and Astaxanthin). Astaxanthin is a pigment that occurs in some fish types, micro-algae, shrimps etc. and it’s said to contain many health benefits, for example in connection to the heart, joints and skin.

novo vita kosttilskud

If you’d like to know more about the supplements from Novo Vita, click here.



Something about dietary supplements - and my new ambassadorship.

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