Hotel review: Hilton Copenhagen Airport

With nearly 100 years of history behind, Hilton has deep roots in the hotel industry. Today, the 550 hotels worldwide are a synonym of modern comfort with a strong business approach. Hilton Copenhagen Airport is located less than 300 metres from the check-in area, making it the ideal stop-over in between travels – or simply if you need to check out and relax.

Unwind and relax

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the feeling of being in an airport, not to mention being in an airport hotel. It may sound strange, but there is a certain vibe, an expectational joy, which thrives best at these places. Hilton Copenhagen Airport is a great place to stay if you feel the same way. People come and go, cultures blend together creating an international atmosphere, where travelers from all over the world can meet and slow down for a while. It is only fair to say that most of the guests at this specific Hilton hotel have a connection to the airport. They might be arriving late or departing early; no matter what, they are here to relax.

The top floor

The hotel offers a range of different room types distributed on 12 floors, and on clear days, the top floor pampers its guests with magnificent views of Copenhagen! Furthermore, there is a cosy Executive lounge, in which one can enjoy a drink and a snack for payment. It is also possible to enjoy breakfast in the lounge.

An Executive room

Wellness refuge

The spa, N’imat, deserves a section of its own, since it is a true haven for wellness lovers of all ages. It might not be big, but once you enter this tranquil atmosphere, you simply enter another world. A sweet smell of patchouli blends together with the (dæmpede) music and Asian inspired decor like buddhas and dark wood. Ni’mat offers a large variety of massages and beauty treatments (we had a perfect back and shoulder massage!), but using the regular spa facilities can be just as satisfying. Apart from a pool and a steam bath, guests will find a cosy relaxation area with cushions and rugs, and there is even the possibility of enjoying a ’fish spa’ while waiting for a treatment.Personally, I was quite fond of ’the golden egg’ – a bubble containing space enough for one person. You enter, relaxing music starts and a starry ski appears right above you. It lasts for approximately 15 minutes, and even though it is a bit pricy, ’the golden egg’ gives you time to reflect and unwind.

Ni’mat Spa

Hilton Copenhagen Airport sets the frames for a good stay in connection to an arrival or a departure from the neighbouring airport. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend the restaurant, but the breakfast buffet is definitely OK. And do not forget to enjoy the view from the top floor once you are here!

Fore more information go to www3.hilton.com


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