Naemi: A (new) Yoga & Meditation Center in Northern Denmark

I recently visited the beautiful yoga and meditation center ‘Naemi’, which is located just 45 minutes North of Copenhagen. Nestling in beautiful nature surroundings overlooking one of the biggest lakes in Denmark, this place is soothing for both body, mind and soul. 


You’ll probably need a car to get there, but once you set foot inside this newly opened yoga and meditation retreat, you can be sure to enter a world of bliss and harmony. The house, which is also the private residence of yoga teacher and coach, Brian Dernje Nielsson, instantly welcomes you with warm-heartedness and harmony. It’s an old country home recently renovated by Brian and his family, and the idyllic settings (with chickens, rabbits and sheep in the backyard – not to mention to killer lake view!) only adds to the positive experience.

Brian is originally a successful business man with international experience, but in 2009, he decided to turn his life in another direction. He became a certified Hatha and Astanga yoga teacher and coach and opened his practice Naemi. Not long ago, he moved to his new home just north of Copenhagen, and this is where clients can now enjoy yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes.


I went to try out a class called ‘The 5 Tibetans’, which might resonate with some of you. It’s a series of yoga exercises composed by  Tibetan monks thousands of years ago, and they’re supposedly so efficient that you don’t need any other training during a week. One sessions is 75 minutes and the main purpose is to balance the body and mind. It’s especially good for the shoulders and neck region, where tensions are released. Combined with focused breathing, ‘The 5 Tibetans’ proved to be quite effective and even pleasant at the same time. Brian’s class incorporates meditation and a body scan as well.
After the class, we were invited for a healthy snack in the lounge area; chia pudding, raw chocolate bites and herbal tea. This is standard procedure at Naemi, where inner and outer well-being is in constant focus. Brian’s daughter prepares all the healthy, raw snacks and recipes can be found on the website.


If you’re looking for a big yoga venue with a lot of different classes on the menu, this might not be the choice for you. However, if you prefer an intimate setting with focus on the individual (just like I do), Naemi is wonderful. Brian teaches in both Danish and English.

Book a free trial class or sign up for membership on www.naemi.dk.


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