Michelin dining at MEE, Copacabana Palace, Rio

Walk past the glamorous entrance of Copacabana Palace in Rio and you’ll have the chance to embark on a culinary adventure. Welcome to MEE  - a Michelin restaurant paying tribute to the Asian fusion kitchen and….Sake. 

Ever since 1923, the luxurious Copacabana Palace has attracted the rich and the famous on one of the world’s most renowned beaches. Today, it’s also attracting foodies from around the globe. In 2015, its Asian restaurant MEE was awarded with a Michelin star, and it is also one of the first South American restaurants to receive a star.


Upon our arrival, we were quickly showed to our table in front of the the open kitchen, giving us the chance to get a sneak peek of the busy kitchen. MEE attracts a certain clientele with its dark wooden interior, luscious lounge beats and elegant ambience, but anyone with a weakness for Asian delicacies and genuine glamour, should come by. Sushi is obviously a fixed part of the menu, but the real deal here is the tasting menu consisting of 7 small dishes taking you on an exotic gastronomical journey through Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, China and Vietnam. If you still prefer something from the a la carte, Michelin recommends the spicy Thai salad with tangerine, quail’s egg, sushi with truffle and Kobe beef tataki.

restaurant mee

The Japanese drink Sake plays an important role at MEE. Not only is it served in plenty of different variants; an actual Sake hostess stands ready to help you pick your favorite. Have a taste even if you’re not a fan of the drink - you might get surprised. MEE also presents a good selection of cocktails, and tea is served at the end of a meal.


View the full menu here.





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Michelin dining at MEE, Copacabana Palace, Rio

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