Words from the life coach: Find your inter peace and strength

Sometimes life hurts. Reasons can be many: a difficult family relation, a hard decision, lack of inner peace and self-esteem. And more than often is needed some personal tools in order for things to fall into place. Emilie Krogh are more than capable of delivering these tools. She’s a life-coach, existential counselor, and nurse all at once, and we have met her for a talk about succes, personal development, and inner peace. Get yourself to know (a little bit) better in article of the day – read along here.

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. These words are from Dalai Lama and there’s not even a little pinch of untruth about them. Yet most of us, at some point or another, struggle to accept ourselves as we really are. We have a wrong way of believing accept and recognition come fro the outside – because isn’t succes determined by plenty of material treats and flattering words from people around you? Not if you ask Emilie Krogh who’s got her own business located a litle north of Copenhagen.

Personal succes cannot be measured by the title of your resume; a marriage that lasts the entire life; a social network; amount of homebaked buns; education; appearance; a well-polished home etc. Personal succes can only be found within yourself in your inner core when you decide to acknowledge yourself based on your unique set of values. 

It’s exactly in the self-acknowlegdement that you set yourself free, hence feel happiness and self-confidence and eventually get peace and balance! Here you’ll feel inner peace where you know and feel that you’re exactly as you should be.

With Emilie you’re able to participate in a personal selfdevelopment-course that is based on exactly your own challenges, needs and desires. In other words you’ll become the best version of yourself, and that’s presumably desireable for most people. Although, in order to get there, where negativity becomes positivity and meaningfulness replaces emptiness and superficiality, that obviously requires a certain amount of willpower. Emilie explains: Not until you choose to prioritize your time and your choices based on your unique core, will you achieve meaningfulness in your life. With meaningfulness comes a stronger self-esteem. It’s never too late to swith focus inside and acknowlegde your core as life-guide. 

The core that Emilie refers to is the key-concept of her ”Kernestyrke Koncept” that she’s developed herself. The concept is based upon the idea that we’re all born with a core – an identity which contains our true self. This self is with time dorwned in society’s right and wrong, and when we eventually are so far from the core that we can’t feel it anymore, we’ll experience loneliness, low self-esteem, and meaninglessness. Look at Emilie explaining the concept in the video below:

Vacation on the french riviera #1: Nice

Last summer I had the opportunity to visit three amazing cities in southern France; Nice, Tourettes-sur-Loup and Sainte Maxime (with a little boat-trip to Saint Tropez). I often dream myself back to those places, and for this reason within the next three weeks I’ll provide tips, inspiration, and good advises for a vacation in southern France which includes everything from swim vacations to extended weekends in one of these nice cities. We start with Nice…


The grand old lady in terms of coast-cities is most certainly known by most people. Nice has got the second highest number of hotel beds in France and if you go there during the warmest month, july, you’ll get the feeling that the city doesn’t hold capacity for any more vacation-hungry tourists. Nice is the fith-largest city and also one of the most visited french cities, only topped by Paris – exactly because of the nice climate and the location by the azur-blue ocean.

The city and the promenade

The spectacular thing about Nice is that it’s got it all. The city has a perfect mix of shopping and typical french vacation atmosphere where itøs still possible to find hidden, authentic, cafés that offers a croissant and the obligatory cafe au lait. Shopping opportunities are always so good, and especially on the wide boulevard  that runs from Place Garibaldi, you’ll find plenty of both high fashion , unika, and brand-stores. From the big shopping-street it’s possible to take a small walk down one of the smaller streets which goes in the direction of the beach. On these smaller side-streets you’ll find luxury secondhand stores and many of the big brands also make their appearance here. But do remember a map over the city if you dont feel like constantly asking for direction or are equipped with a GPS as the streets can be hard to navigate through.

When the need for looking at shop-windows has decreased, and you feel the need for something else, whether it’s for relaxation or a nice lunch, it’s a good idea to head for the beach-promenade where you’ll find endless option for a light lunch or a nice cup of coffee. Tourists also make their entrance here, but thats just an advantage in terms of price and quality. Among others you’ll find the most delicious salad-bar nearby Place Massena where you can quickly and easily mix a salad consisting of fresh commodities which are prepared and mixed into a big bowl. It can be quite tempting with a lunch like that when the heat is overwhelming and you need value for money.

After a well-deserved break you should go to the beach-promenade itself which stretches for several kilometers and both offers before-mentioned restaurants as well as hotels and bars. In direction towards the old harbour you’ll find the castle which spoils its visitors with a panorama-view of coast and city that is what dreams are made of. It’s definitely worth a visit after a delicious dinner with a view over the mediterranian sea.

The old harbour in Nice.

The coziest area in Nice! A totally amazing little harbour where sailors can fulfill their dream and visitors can admire the beautiful yachts and sailboats which especially during the summer dominate the area. The atmosphere makes you think of old Hollywood movies, Brigitte Bardot and cold champagne that you never run out of, and that is exactly the charming thing about this city which still offers unpretentious harbour-atmosphere and fishing boats that have their peak during the morning hours.

On Quai Papacino you’ll find all the nice restaurants that serves everything from Salad Nicoise to big steaks and fresh seafood. All of them have an amazing location and compete about the market of cold white wine, light snacks, and spectacular dinners. And maybe you’ll be able to spot a celebrity on one of the big yachts that sparkle like pearls on a string in the nightlight.

Follow me next week where we’re heading to the calm but picturesque medieval village, Tourettes-sur-Loup, which is located in the charming mountain landscape about 14 kilometers from Nice.


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