Kokkeriet in Copenhagen: Nordic Michelin with a twist

It’s a well-known fact that Kokkeriet is one of the oldest Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen. Hence, its more than 15 years of cooking for both locals and tourists has made it almost legendary on the Copenhagen food scene. But what can you expect as a guest? Join us for a night at Kokkeriet.


Nordic cuisine with a modern twist

With a premium location in the quiet end of a busy street in the heart of the city, Kokkeriet stands out from the rest of the buzzing restaurants in the center. It feels like being in a suburb when you’re actually just minutes from the crowded squares. And when you finally step inside, it feels like you’re visiting a good friend more than a recognized Michelin restaurant. The rooms are small and cosy with dimmed lights and beautiful, golden tapestry on the walls. Most definitely a perfect venue for a romantic candlelight dinner - or even a casual business meeting.
It was my second time at Kokkeriet and so I was pleased to re-experience the high level of service, which is quite characteristic for this restaurant. The kitchen  focus on Nordic food, however, in a slightly different form than what you normally see. The Danish/Nordic kitchen is interesting due to the changing seasons always offering something new, and Chef David Johansen and his team has a playful approach to the Danish food legacy. They challenge the old, original recipes by giving them “new life” so to speak. Or in other words; traditional food with a modern twist. Still, everything is done with respect, and this is exactly why Kokkeriet differs from so many other restaurants; you can be sure not to eat like this anywhere else in the city. Chef David Johansen expresses the experience like this; “Exotic ingredients such as pineapple and banana are only used in dishes with a Danish expression - like the fruit salad, which our grandmother used to serve.”


A gourmet adventure full of surprises

Let’s take a closer look at our wine menu. It consisted of six courses including a selection of snacks to begin with and an amuse-bouche (a bite-sized hors d’æuvre) with octopus, cauliflower and hazelnut. Here’s what we had:

The wine menu at Kokkeriet is classic with surprises. The restaurants offers a fixed wine menu, but guests are also allowed to assemble their own, if preferred. Our personal favorite on this particular night was a 2009 Catena Alta Malbec - a premium red wine sourcing from one of the Catena family’s carefully selected vineyards in Argentina.

Kokkeriet is a must-try if you value gourmet food with a twist. Here you rely on great service and expect an excellent kitchen full of surprises. The icing on the cake? That would probably be the interior, which makes it one of the most charming Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen.

For further information go to www.kokkeriet.dk.