A gourmet adventure on Samsø: 5 must-visit restaurants

5,614 million inhabitants and approximately 1.419 islands. That’s Denmark in numbers. One of the most popular islands, Samsø, is located just a couple of hours from the capital of Copenhagen – and if you haven’t been here, you haven’t really seen the country.  Here are 5 restaurants, which are worth putting on your bucket list!


A foodie’s dream destination

There are 3.900 inhabitants on Samsø, but more than double as many during high season. It’s a popular holiday spot for especially Germans and Danes, but in recent years, many others have discovered the gem as well. Apart from stunning nature and a logistically smart location (Samsø is located right in the middle, hence the name ‘the heart of Denmark’), I believe there’s a clear reason for this: the food. Yes, Samsø is any foodie’s ultimate dream and it would be a shame not to indulge in the cornucopia of fresh ingredients and specialities while you’re here.

Strandlyst Hotel & Restaurant

A charming hotel (that feels like your home away from home!) – a must-visit if you’re a fan of personal service and genuine food! I’d recommend staying here during summer due to the outdoor pool and jacuzzi, but no matter what, you’ll feel at ease when relaxing in these cosy surroundings. The owner – and chef – Søren, is almost a legend on the island of Samsø. His warm presence enlightens any breakfast, lunch or dinner, and his cooking is outstanding. Dining at Strandlyst truly feels like you’re dining with friends or family.



Smagen af Øen

Directly translated ‘the taste of the island’, this historical grocery offers the perfect settings for a tasty lunch with local products such as cheese, sausage, toasted seaweed (a specialty here!) and beer. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the salmon and home-made mayonnaise as well! When you step inside, it feels like you’re stepping back in time, especially because the interior hasn’t changed much since the opening in the mid-19th century (the original cash register is even still here!) A must-visit for anyone with an interest in history and quality food products.


smagen af øen

Restaurant SAK

Samsø’s #1 gourmet restaurant impresses with high standards and a new take on traditional dishes. Nordic and contemporary interior blends together with friendly service – and the prices are quite reasonable, too. Chef Yasser holds several records, for example he created the world’s best hotdog earlier this year, and even though hotdogs are not served at SAK, you won’t be disappointed of the existing range of mouth-watering dishes. Everything is made from local produce.


Restaurant Skipperly

A more traditional yet very popular restaurant located on the harbor. Once you step inside the living room-like settings with brass decorations and fisherman paintings on the walls, it almost feels like you’re visiting your grandmother. Skipperly is able to deliver a genuine Danish lunch as it should be, and if you can’t choose, ask for the platter, which contains a little bit of everything. The fried herring goes well together with a cold beer and a schnapps. Finish off with a slice of the homemade apple cake.

NB! Skipperly is currently closed for the season and will reopen in the spring of 2017.



Ilse Made

Ilse Made is an eco-friendly hotel and restaurant located in beautiful natural settings just 400 meters from the beach. You’d definitely want to visit because of the surroundings, but the kitchen allures as well! Guests will find high quality food solely based on local products: lunch, coffee, cake, dinner and drinks. Ilse Made even has its own orangery with tomatoes, chili, spices etc. (and there’s a cake feast every sunday during summer!)


ilse made

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