Iceland for foodies: 5 must-visit restaurants in Reykjavik

Iceland is not only an exciting travel destination nature wise - the food scene is also full of surprises! Here are our 5 current favorites in the capital of Reykjavik. 

Today, Iceland is easy accessible from most parts of the world, and we can actually only think of good reasons to go here. Nature is splendid and so is the food scene, which in recent years has gained international recognition. For the same reason, foodies from all over the world flock here to get a bit of a tasting experience, which is out of the ordinary. During our latest visit in October, we had the pleasure of dining in some of the city’s best restaurants, so without further ado, here are our recommendations. 


Kjallarinn Kitchen Bar

‘Kjallarinn’ means cellar in Icelandic, and that’s exactly where you’ll find Kitchen Bar - in a cellar in the city center. It’s not as underground as it may sound, cause Kitchen Bar is actually very chic. The cosy interior and dimmed lights welcomes you at the entrance, and the first thing you notice is a huge fish tank with colorful fish and exotic plants (this is also a part of the bar). Moving on, you’ll get to the seating area dominated by wood, leather and earthy colors.

We highly recommend that you start with a house cocktail (one might not be enough!) before going on board the menu. Last-mentioned offers fresh fish and delicious meat, which is presented in a modern way - some of the dishes here are quite traditional, but they are always served with a fresh take and dash of humor. If we say ‘sushi-pizza’ you should now what we mean with ‘fresh take’. If you’re a fan of seafood (and mink whale, anyone?), Kitchen Bar is a great place to dine. They are advocates of pairing food with cocktails - a view we can definitely approve of!

For more info go to www.kjallarin.is

Dessert at Kitchen Bar


Drinks at Kitchen Bar


“foodies from all over the world flock here to get a bit of a tasting experience, which is out of the ordinary”


If you like the simplicity of Scandinavian culture and the ‘New Nordic’ cuisine, Dill is the place for you! They are masters of combining traditional Icelandic dishes with contemporary tendencies and the results are breathtakingly simple and beautiful. The menu isn’t big, but you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the choice of fresh fish, crispy vegetables and local meat. Have a taste of the dish “red cabbage, roe and dried sausage” - or what about the “caramelized potato, ash-Skyr and lamb hearts”? Dill also has a nice selection of wine and champagne.

For more info go to www.restaurantdill.is

Restaurant Dill - photo credit: www.wsj.com

Fish Market

Yes, fish lovers will generally be very well off in Iceland, but Fish Market is the place to dine if you want to sink your teeth into a fresh, crispy lobster or a well-cooked piece of cod. The kitchen gets its ingredients straight from local farmers and fishermen, for which reason the quality is always first class. Guests can watch their food being prepared in the open kitchen, or they can dine in the Raw Bar, which also offers more exotic dishes. Fish Market is located in a historical street in one of Reykjavik’s oldest buildings, which also adds an interesting touch the dining experience.

For more info go to www.fiskmarkadurinn.is

Fish Market


A charming restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere, Kopar serves only the freshest local produce - and mouth-watering cocktails! Overlooking the harbour and offering guests the possibility of enjoying a drink or a meal on the terrace, this place is the perfect spot for a festive night. The eclectic interior reflects the old and the new - something which is also influencing the menu. The pride of the restaurant is the bar, which presents the Fisherman’s Collection - a wall with with a remarkable selection of cognac and whiskey. There’s also a big wine selection.
Since the restaurant wants its guest to experience Iceland through the courses, all dishes are based on fresh, local produce. Try the Rock Crab, which is caught in the neighbouring Hvalfjörður - a true Icelandic delicacy!

For more info go to www.koparrestaurant.is



Being one of the most popular restaurants in Iceland, Grillmarket lives up to its reputation of serving impeccable meat! With elegant and cosy surroundings and a welcoming atmosphere, this place is perfect for an intimate dinner!
The grill, which is custom-made, creates gastronomical delights such as rack of lamb, Atlantic wolffish and langoustine, to mention a few, but it’s also easy to get tempted by the crispy breast of duck or the whale steak. Serious meat lovers will be satisfied with a traditional selection of dry-aged rib-eye and tenderloin, but there are also delicious alternatives for vegetarians. Try the ‘meat-gourmet’ if you can’t choose - it’s a selection of goose, reindeer and duck to satisfy all your needs. Flush it down with a house-cocktail (we recommend the ‘chili passion’) in the cosy lounge area either before or after dinner.

For more info go to www.grillmarkadurinn.is


Sliders at Grillmarket


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