Hotel Rangá, Iceland: Back to Nature

Nestled between lava fields and remote mountains, the four star Hotel Rangá in Southern Iceland takes the prize of being Iceland’s luxury resort number 1. Come join us for 24 hours in the wilderness.


The way to tranquility

“Offline is the new luxury”. A popular point of view these days when everything electronic takes up most of our time. And yes, there is something truly liberating about spending time without a phone to check every second minute and without a computer to work on “just because there is nothing better to do”. If you are a bit of a soul searcher - or just enjoy the simple things in life - Iceland is really the ideal place to spend a holiday, cause nature will simply thrill you from the second you step out of the airport. “A holiday spent in Iceland is a holiday well-spent”, I once heard someone say. And I believe they’re right.
To re-discover some of that peace and tranquility we’re all looking for in a hectic everyday life, we went to Hotel Rangá - a remote four star resort in, well, the middle of nowhere, approximately one and a half hour’s drive from Reykjavik. We did encounter a minor snow storm on the way as well as very narrow roads on a mountain side, but what does it matter when the end goal is a perfectly warm and welcoming hotel?

Natural luxury

Rangá offers 51 standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites, which all offers something unique. From the stunning views to the famous volcano Hekla (one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes!) to the theme-inspired suites designed after each of the seven continents, Rangá is a different experience, which can most of all be compared to a ski holiday in the Alps. You get the same feeling when entering the hotel lobby, which offers a great fireplace, wooden interior and cosy lounge furniture. It’s not a 5 star luxury experience, but it’s definitely the best of its kind in Iceland.

Our room, a so-called Deluxe Room, consisted of 26 m2 equipped with an indoor jacuzzi bathtub, minibar, 24h room service and a private terrace over-looking the mountains and - the best part - the outdoor Jacuzzis. The room itself was quite regular, but the view was simply enthralling. Nothing beats an early morning hour on the terrace: fresh, crispy air and quiet nature as far as the eye can see (except for Hekla, which is always more or less active). And when night falls again, it’s time for a dip in one of the outdoor (heated!) Jacuzzi’s.

Deluxe room

Modern Nordic cuisine

A stay at Hotel Rangá obviously also includes a visit to the restaurant, which is an advocate of modern Nordic cuisine. Here, one can indulge in Scandinavian delicacies from the seasonal 4 course menu or the a la carte menu. We recommend trying the salmon, which is caught in the nearby river or the reindeer carpaccio with truffle oil. Nordic ingredients such as barley, cabbage and Skyr (the famous Icelandic yoghurt) are also found several times on the menu, and it fits very well with the surroundings making it an authentic experience. It might not be Michelin dining, but it definitely belongs in the gourmet section.

Reindeer carpaccio - a house delicacy.

Watch the Northern Lights

Rangá is perfectly located for viewing the Northern Lights. In fact, the Northern Lights has almost become the trademark of the hotel - the reception will actually phone you in the middle of the night to tell you that “it’s happening”. Yes, it’s a big deal amongst travelers, who are some times willing to travel from the other side of the world to experience it! And with good reason. When you finally see the Aurora Borealis (as it’s called in Latin), it will stay in your memory forever. The Northern Lights are best observed from September to mid-April. Get a taste of it in the video below.

For more information about Hotel Rangá go to www.hotelranga.is. 


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