Getting ready for 3 days in Thüringen (Germany)

It’s becoming a regular thing for me to explore Germany’s different regions. Last year, I embarked on a trip to Niedersachsen and in a couple of days, I’ll be leaving for new adventures in Thüringen. Here’s what you can expect. 

In the heart of Europe

Germany is one of the most diverse countries in the world when it comes to culture. What you experience in the North is so far from you’ll meet in the South, and so I’m excited to visit Thüringen, which is right in the middle of everything. Being one of Germany’s smaller federal states and located in the center of the country, you could easily call it ‘the heart of Europe’. That’s what it is. From here, you can get anywhere in no time. Both Berlin, Munich and Prague can be reached in less than 4 hours by train or car and all other European countries are easy accessible from here.

Getting ready for 3 days in Thüringen (Germany)

Rich history and culture

Housing important cities like Erfurt, Weimar, Eisenach and Jena, Thüringen literally boasts with history and culture! Luther (yes, the guy who translated the Bible and started the Reformation) studied in Erfurt, Goethe, Schiller and Nietzsche lived in Weimar and Jena has two of the most significant universities in Germany. Even H.C. Andersen stayed in Weimar from time to time and the first Christmas tree was erected in this city as well.
I can’t wait to explore all three cities and learn a lot more about not only German, but European history and culture.


Breathtaking nature

Not to make it sound like a cliché, but the region of Thüringen is probably one of the most beautiful regions in Germany. I’m a big fan of the Southern Germany, but Thüringen has such an intense variation of changing nature and dramatic landscapes. There are plenty of things to do if you’re a fan of hiking and biking, and Weimar was elected Europe’s capital of culture in 1999. To put it short, things haven’t changed since Goethe wrote the famous words; “Where else in Germany can you find so many good things in such a small space?!”

The Copenhagen Traveler is invited by the German National Tourist Board and I can’t wait to share more photos, videos and articles during my trip next week.

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Getting ready for 3 days in Thüringen (Germany)

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