Flying Premium Economy with Air France

On a recent long-haul flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, I had the pleasure of flying Premium Economy with Air France. “No Business Class?” you might say, but it’s actually more comfortable than you think. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when upgrading your ticket from Economy with Air France.

Everyone knows the importance of good seating when flying long distance. Business Class - or even First Class - is no longer reserved for wealthy business travelers, but for anyone who agrees in the saying; “it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey itself”. If you’re flying with Air France, there’s no need to avoid Economy, though. The airline’s ‘Premium Economy’ class is both comfortable and a bit more payable than Business - and I got to try it out on a 12-hour long flight from Rio to Paris.

premium economy

Welcome onboard the Premium Economy cabin!

Services included:

  • Meal service: choice of two hot meals including aperitifs, champagne (very important!) and wine as well as mini sandwiches and Haagen Dazs ice cream (yes, it’s addictive!)
  • Video On Demand with a wide range of movies and songs plus headphones
  • Seat pitch of 38 inch (97 cm) with 18,9 inch (48 cm) width - a standard Economy seat is 32 inch.
  • Seat contained in ‘private shell’ for privacy (a luxurious feature!) Seats in ‘Premium Economy’ offers 40% more space than a regular Economy cabin.
  • Feather pillow, wool blanket and vanity kit provided. The amenity kit, which includes a tooth brush and toothpaste, is the same as in Business Class.
  • Baggage allowance: 2 x 23 kg (on Economy, 2 x 23 kg is only allowed on some destinations)
air france menu

A snap of the menu onboard Premium Economy. Expect French cuisine in smaller portions: Foie Gras, sautéed beef and cheese.

So what is the biggest difference between Economy and Premium Economy? Well, for once, last-mentioned is a lot closer to Business than Economy in terms of space and comfort. The smaller, ‘private’ cabins are also a big plus on this account. PE is only available on long-haul flights, though (Intercontinental, Caribbean and Indian Ocean flights).



We were invited by AirFrance to try travel on Premium Economy from Rio de Janeiro to Paris


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