Vacation on the French riviera #3: Sainte Maxime

We’ll end our South Of France-trilogy in the charming town of Sainte Maxime. It’s located approximately 90 km from Nice and only a few kilometers from the glamorous vacation spot of Saint Tropez. Sainte Maxime is an old fisherman’s village that was founded by monks in 1.000 A.D and only recently it has gained reputation as an attractive spot for artists and writers, who enjoys the mild climate and azure ocean. Do you want to do the same? Get inspired for a relaxing holiday - right here. 

The town and the beach ‘La Nartelle’

It’s not deadly necessary to lodge at a very expensive hotel when vacationing in Southern France. The location is even more crucial, since you will most likely spent the majority of your time outside. The 3-star hotel ‘La Vierge Noire’ can definitely be recommended; it’s situated a stone’s throw from the town and right across the beach ‘La Nartelle’.
The hotel offers a charming atrium in a typical Provencal style and a pool, which will be appreciated through the hottest our of the day! Here one can have breakfast - and it’s not just one of the typical French breakfasts with coffee and croissants - while the house parrot sings the national anthem! It’s all part of the charm.

Sainte Maxime

If you prefer spending your day in the surrounding nature, it’s possible to do so by renting a bicycle and drive through the beautiful coastal area. You can also rent a car or even go by taxi, but driving on bike definitely enhances the charm.
If you get hungry there’s plenty of restaurants to choose from, both in Sainte Maxime itself and along the beach, where one can enjoy a lunch with the feet in the sand! From Sainte Maxime it’s possible to catch a water taxi to Saint Tropez, which is located only 5 kilometers away. Like this you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Sailing to Saint Tropez

As mentioned before, a water taxi is probably the best way to reach Saint Tropez (if you want to avoid traffic jam etc.). Jump onboard a taxi at the marina in Sainte Maxime, lean back and enjoy the amazing sea air. During 15 minutes you’ll reach a completely different world!
When approaching Saint Tropez one can’t help but be intrigued by the huge yachts, which are scattered around the harbor of the city. It’s a beautiful sight, and some tourists even come here just to get a glimpse of the yachts and the harbor! If they’re lucky, they’ll also get a glimpse of someone famous while they’re here…

Market in Sainte Maxime


The tourist information in Sainte Maxime: http://www.sainte-maxime.com

Hotel La Vierge Noire: http://hotellaviergenoire.com/En/index.html