East Copenhagen: Timeless Scandinavian Jewelry

It’s not often I post about fashion, jewelry or the likes (as this is mainly a travel- and hotel blog), but sometimes, I come across brands that deserve a mention. Simply because they add something unique to a certain niche. 
East Copenhagen is such a brand. Based in Copenhagen and combining Scandinavian design with Eastern elements, East Copenhagen seeks to produce feminine, timeless and stylish jewelry for the modern woman. 

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The logo depicts a lotus flower in full bloom. For those who don’t know, a lotus is associated with purity, beauty and spiritual awakening – and that probably describes this new Danish jewelry brand quite well. Phuong Rohwer, who is the woman behind the brand, was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, but now live in Copenhagen. After 12 years of working in the jewelry industry, she wanted to create a unique jewelry brand comprising both Scandinavian and Asian elements; a merge of the two cultures, so to speak. And so she did.

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As someone who always (as in everyday) wear jewelry, I was drawn to these specific pieces because they embrace two of my own great loves: simplicity and elegance. Also, it’s easy to mix and match the pieces with other jewelry and styles, which is something I value when talking accessories.

Phuong has created 13 different collections of modern jewelry; from “Rice”, “Waves” and “Wings” to “Coral”, “Palm” and “Beads” – each collection oozes of contemporary beauty promoting values from both Asian and Scandinavian cultures. All pieces are made from materials such as rhodium, sterling silver and rose plated sterling silver, and some include zirconia as well (like my ‘Lotus’ ring and ‘Sapa’ bracelet).
The price level won’t break the bank – in fact, there’s something for every budget. The most “budget-friendly” buy includes a set of ear studs for EUR 65,- while the most expensive piece in the collection is a pair of gold-plated earrings for EUR 255,-.

east copenhagen
Sapa Bracelet & Lotus Ring

I’d love to visit more of Asia someday, and especially Vietnam, but until then – these fine pieces of jewelry will stay close to me and remind me of the distant skies that I love so much.

You can find East Copenhagen in a range of Danish jewelry shops as well as online. For more information, click here.


east copenhagen


East Copenhagen: Timeless Scandinavian Jewelry

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