“CONSCIOUS CREATORS”: My 2020 Mentorship Program

In less than a month, we’re jumping into a new decade full of fresh opportunities and adventures! If you’re self-employed and longing to create a more meaningful and balanced work life, then my 2020 mentorship program CONSCIOUS CREATORS is for YOU! Ready for an early Christmas present? Read more below. 

mentor program for female entrepreneurs

Life can be overwhelming and so can business. Put the two together and an incredible, but also straight up nerve-wrecking scenario can occur. And I should know; I’ve been self-employed running my own business(es) for more than 6 years in total. I’ve experienced the highs, the lows, the in-betweens and basically everything you could imagine as a freelancer. And I’ve even jumped into entrepreneurship, for a change. Today, I finally found the balance managing my content agency Room22 and my coaching business for female freelancers. I’m equally passionate about both (yes, it IS possible doing more than one thing whole-heartedly), and with a little help from Time Management etc., I make it work. And so can you!

Having experienced stress and burnout up front, I know how it feels to constantly having to build and create while trying to stay sane and healthy at the same time. It’s simply not easy without the right tools! That’s why I’m super happy to share my mentorship program for 2020 with you now. CONSCIOUS CREATORS is a 3-month program starting out in January 2020 and there are currently only 10 openings, so be quick if you want in!

WHAT: CONSCIOUS CREATORS 2020 Mentorship Program
WHEN: January-March 2020 (specific dates to be agreed internally)
WHERE: Skype/Zoom or on location (Berlin/Copenhagen)
– 6 sessions (60 minutes each)
– Mindfulness journal (physical or PDF) with exercises for daily gratitude and happiness
– Meditation soundfile
– 30 minute email consultation
– Tools from my book FREELANCER
(If you’re based in Denmark (or read Danish!), you’ll get a free copy of my book FREELANCER on top!)

mentor program for female entrepreneurs

My mentorship program is EXCLUSIVE meaning there are only 10 spots available at an early bird price = grab your spot today if you’d like to join me as a CONSCIOUS CREATOR in 2020!

Let’s face it: real results and sustainable success only comes from a calm mind. By de-stressing ourselves and trusting the process, we’re telling the universe that we’re ready to go further and higher!

Are you ready to quit the excuses and start a new decade together with one goal in mind: to create a healthy and meaningful business life – minus the stress? Let’s do it!


Send me an email to know more – or simply click the picture below: 

mentor program for female entrepreneurs


"CONSCIOUS CREATORS": My 2020 Mentorship Program

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