Brunch & Spa at Ni’mat Hilton Copenhagen Airport

If there’s one thing that can always make me happy, it would be a relaxing day at the spa! Add to that a delicious brunch buffet with everything a woman’s heart can desire and you have the ultimate experience of self-indulgence. Join me for a day at the oriental-inspired Ni’mat spa at the 5 star Hotel Hilton Copenhagen Airport, where the comfort of the West meets the enchanting spirit of the East.

The oriental approach
The minute you step into Ni’mat Spa you feel enchanted by the oriental universe. There’s buddha figures looking at you with their peaceful gaze, fresh orchids, a delicate scent of spices and freshly brewed herbal tea on the tables. Ni’mat own two luxurious spas in Copenhagen; one at Hotel King Arthur in the center of the city and one at Hilton Copenhagen Airport, overlooking the busy travel hub. Ni’mat delivers an authentic Asian spa ambience in the cold North and so they really do offer a breathing space where one can truly be pampered. I was about to find out myself - followed by a lavish brunch at the Hilton, but I’ll come back to that part later. The elevator stops at the 2nd floor and the smell of spa area immediately captures my attention. As I enter a smiling receptionist greets me and explains the procedure of my treatments and the philosophy behind it all. It sounds appealing, especially because I haven’t really tried anything like it in Denmark before. Yes, we do have quite a lot of spas and wellness experiences here, but never the less, there’s no oriental-inspired ones like Ni’mat, so I’m curious to know more.
A romantic spa experience
Ni’mat provides the uniform; a crisp, white bathrobe and white slippers, and I’m ready for take-off. But first - a cup of steaming hot Ayurvedic tea and a selection of fresh fruit, since it’s important to keep a balanced blood sugar all the way through. I’m definitely not the only one having a Sunday spa treatment; couples and girlfriends are to be found as well, and there’s no doubt that this cosy spa could be a definite favorite when it comes to romantic times with your loved one. The dimmed lights and dark brown furnitures says it all. After a little while I’m collected by my spa therapist for the day and I choose a relaxing massage since I’m often quite tensed in my back and shoulders  (old writers damage!) During the treatment I almost manage to fall asleep as I usually do when receiving a massage (!) and after exactly 1 hour I’m good to go again. I feel relaxed and at ease. Through my years as a writer - and a former beauty editor - I’ve learned that saunas and steam baths are usually a good idea after a massage, since it loosens up possible tensions even more. Ni’mat at Hilton Copenhagen Airport offers an aromatic steam bath and a saltwater pool, but I was about to try a so-called Cleopatra bath! Something including milk, you might think - and you’re right! Ni’mat’s version of the Cleopatra bath is a wooden bathtub filled to the brim with warm coconut milk and orchid flowers. A great way to spend a rainy Sunday if you ask me! Water, tea and fresh fruit is all part of the deal at Ni’mat Spa, but it’s also possible to order a delicacy from the menu, which is composed in collaboration with the Danish gourmet brand Løgismose. And after a treatment it’s possible to purchase a wide selection of spa products and gift certificates at the reception.

Sunday brunch at the Hilton
After enjoying a 1 hour treatment followed by a Cleopatra bath and a chilled glass of sparkling wine, it was time to taste the brunch! The brunch deal is part of a package offered by Hilton and Ni’mat together and it’s the perfect way to spend a day off! If you’re a brunch lover you’ll absolutely adore this one! Lavish cake tables, freshly made smoothies, juices and pancakes followed by tables of cold cuts, cheese selections, bread, jam and let’s not forget the English breakfast including the traditional scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon. Yup, there’s something for everyone and it’s practically impossible to leave before you’ve had a taste of everything. I experienced an almost full restaurant, so it might be a good idea to reserve a table (not necessary if you’ve booked the spa & brunch package!) No matter what, spending a Sunday with Ni’mat and Hilton Copenhagen Airport is a Sunday well-spent and I’d definitely return again soon! Ni’mat offers professional and luxurious treatments in relaxing and beautiful surroundings and Hilton offers a sumptuous brunch with literally everything a man’s (and a woman’s) heart can desire! What’s not to like?

For more information on Ni’mat go to www.nimat.dk.

For more information on Hilton Copenhagen Airport go to www.hiltonnordics.com. 



Info on the spa & brunch package: 

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price per person: 160 EUR
  • The package can only be booked via phone: +45 33158955

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