Hotel 47 in Rome: stay comfortably in historical settings

When visiting Rome there’s no way around it; you need to pay the ancient part of the eternal city a visit at least once. And when you do you’ll might as well check out the modern and comfortable Hotel 47 in Via Luigi Petroselli. The hotel offers great views, a cosy rooftop restaurant and a sublime location close to the river Tiber and Trastevere. Here’s our review. 

A pleasant surprise
It wasn’t just raining a bit when we arrived - it was pouring down for days! Due to this our expectations were automatically lowered a bit when we stepped outside the Fiumicino airport approximately 45 minutes from the centre of Rome. But luckily enough we forgot all about worries and rain when the taxi stopped outside of our hotel. Newly renovated and quite majestic the Hotel 47 welcomed us with its amazing location just a stone’s throw away from always lovely Trastevere and with the impressive Roman Forum in our backyard - literally speaking! Pure pleasure for a history geek like me! (And for those who doesn’t know what the Roman Forum is - read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Forum). 

The view from our room!

Hotel 47 is quite new. The marble-like reception is small, but well kept and embellished with fresh flowers.  We were welcomed by the head receptionist, who showed us to our room, which was located on the 4th floor.
Anything spectacular about the room? Not in the striking sense of the word, but we were quite fond of both the view and the facilities. Somehow it still makes me happy when a hotel chooses to install brand new Nespresso machines in their rooms and it’s all about appreciating the little details, right? It was neatly placed alongside a basket of fresh fruit and a couple of chocolates.
The mini-bar in our room had a nice selection of both snacks and beverages, but like everywhere else it’s too expensive to enjoy! Especially when you’re in one of the greatest food capitals in the world!

Tired, but happy to finally arrive!

Rooftop restaurant and Roman food
In my opinion the dining experience in a hotel reveals quite a lot about the place, and so I was excited to visit the rooftop terrace on the second day of our stay. The Circus Restaurant, as it’s called, offers a nice view of the city - not covering the Roman Forum as I had imagined, but the River Tiber and some ancient temples in front of the hotel. Soft lounge music, cosy couches and lots of candles on the tables - this place would definitely be a favorite spot during the warm Roman summer, but unfortunately it fades a bit in the cold winter season. However, the drinks were tasty and so was the food! Italians usually order an antipasti, a starter, a main dish and a dessert (don’t ask me how they do it!), but we simply decided to share an antipasti followed by a main course for two, which consisted of a large piece of meat served on a salt stone and accompanied by potatoes, baked root vegetables and homemade béarnaise sauce. Not bad at all!

Speaking of food, we can’t get around the breakfast! Most Italians tend to skip this meal and replace it with a Caffe Macchiato or a Cortado and save the best for lunch and dinner. Furthermore, they have a sweet tooth, which combined mean that any Italian breakfast buffet will consist of mostly sweet but not very filling things. This was also the case in Hotel 47, but at least it was the best scrambled eggs I’ve had for quite some time!
There’s plenty of cosy restaurants and local pizzerias to indulge in, in this area of the city. Just across the river you’ll find the very popular Trastevere, which has grown to be a destination of its own in the capital of Rome. Tourists flock to the historical squares filled with pizzerias, ice cream stands and late night shops, but it’s still possible to find an honest place to eat without too many tourists around.
The Jewish centre of Rome is also very nearby the hotel. It’s not as big as it once was, but it’s definitely worth visiting! Take a stroll down the main street, smell the different spices and get a quick insight into the Jewish food culture by eating at one of the small places here. If you’re not particularly hungry, the hotel offers a selection of snacks and beverages in the lobby, which has free internet access and a nice selection of books and magazines.


Modest yet comfortable
The hotel offers a steam bath that can be used upon request. It’s small and doesn’t cover the term ‘spa’, however, it can be exactly what you need after a long day of shopping and strolling around the city. Bathrobes and slippers can be found in all rooms as well as a hair dryer. 

If you’re looking for top luxury and stunning spa facilities this hotel isn’t the best option, but it’s comfortable, cosy and better than the average Roman hotel. The best thing about it? Probably the location, the views and the spacious rooms - and the rooftop terrace during the summer!

For more information on Hotel 47 - go to www.fortysevenhotel.com

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