A luggage guide: Choosing the right travel gear

All travelers know the importance of choosing the right travel gear, and by this I especially mean a light-weight and comfortable trolley or suitcase. Finally, I found my #1 travel companion as well, but it wasn’t easy. Read along if you want to be updated on the do’s and don’ts of the luggage front - and what to look for when choosing the right travel gear. 

Choosing right

Most female travelers know the drill; they want to travel in comfort, but still look stylish. Is that even possible? The answer is yes. But it took a long time before I reckoned the fact that traveling with the wrong suitcase would not only give me back pains and be the source of great frustration; it would look ridiculous and fit poorly with my requirements for space and convenience.

Choosing the right luggage form can be a tricky one, but ask yourself what kind of traveler you are. The back packing type might not go for a hard case trolley as a business traveler probably wouldn’t opt for a soft duffel bag. Personally I prefer a light-weight trolley, as they’re easy to handle, doesn’t weigh much and usually trolley bags can contain a lot more than one should think. Another important factor when choosing the right bag is the size: do you need to check it in or bring it with you on the flight? Personally, I never check-in my luggage if I can avoid it.

Types of luggage
  • Wheeled duffels/backpacks (perfect for: adventure travel, family trips)
  • Wheeled luggage (perfect for: business travel, urban travel)
  • Travel packs - no wheels (perfect for: adventure travel and other occasions where carrying the luggage is preferred)
  • Duffel bags (perfect for: budget travelers, students etc.)
  • Old-fashion suitcase (perfect for: business travel)
  • Day packs (perfect for: short trips, urban travel etc.)

How to pack your bag

Packing light and smart is key if you want to avoid checking in your luggage. Choose a trolley (wheeled luggage) and follow the simple steps of this guide (if you’re a woman. Men can use a similar strategy, though): How to travel light: the ultimate packing list for her. 


My current travel companion #1: My red Delsey ‘Helium’ trolley


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