A (mindful) change of scenery…

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First of all; happy New Year to all of you! I hope you’ve had a lovely start into this new, exciting year – which also happens to be the year of the pig according to Chinese astrology! Whether you’re into astrology or not, it appears it’ll be an amazing year in terms of wealth, abundance and prosperity. So if you’re struggling with launching your business, need a more steady cash flow or perhaps want to be more focused when it comes to your economy, this is probably the right time to dig into that.

And speaking of which; I’ve spend the first month of the year in Tenerife (a beautiful Tropical island close to the coast of Morocco) with my little family. Vacation, indeed, but also a brilliant opportunity for me to work on my business and mindset. These two are inevitably linked, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m an advocate of self-development and all mindful living.

A lot of exciting things are in the pipeline here in my littler corner of the internet, and of course I want to share that with you guys! You might have noticed a few changes to the layout on the blog? A different (and definitely more spiritual) logo has found its way here and the categories (and menu’s) have also changed a bit. The about page has been updated with a more fitting description as to what’s gonna unfold here, so take a look at that if you haven’t already.

So why this change? And why now?

First of all, a new fresh year is a brilliant time to come forward with new work and approaches. Long story short; I’ve been running this blog as a travel blog for 4,5 years now, but I’m not “only” travel blogger anymore. So instead of shutting down the blog (which I can’t, cause it’s so dear to my heart!), I decided to let it be a reflection of where I am in my life right now. Of WHO I am. And of what I’m currently working with. Travels and hotels is still a big part of my professional life, but not to the degree it was before. I’ve become a mother (almost 1 year ago, time flies) and I’ve become a certified coach focusing primarily on mindfulness and business coaching for women.

My interest and passion for topics such as mindfulness, slow living, how to create a mindful career, female empowerment, spirituality and, not least, coaching, kept knocking on the door to be exposed and shared with the world. And so, why wouldn’t I let them be?

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The Copenhagen Traveler will always be a travel blog at heart – a space for hedonists looking for new exciting destinations and beautiful hotels to stay at – but whereas it was only about the physical journey before, it now also embraces the “inner journey”.  I’d like to dedicate this space to exactly that; the inner and outer journey. And aren’t they quite closely connected anyway? I think so. Furthermore, the blog will become part of a blog network within a few months – something I’m really excited about! To be honest, I was never really a fan of “networks” for blogs, but I do see the point now, especially because “we’re stronger together”. I’d like The Copenhagen Traveler (in one form or another) to exist in many years to come, and I can feel that this is a great start.

I hope you’ll feel at home here – and that you’ll keep feeling inspired and motivated when visiting me here. My goal is to share interesting and intriguing content for both mind and soul, be it here on the blog, on Facebook or on Instagram. You’re always welcome to share feedback with me. Simply send me a message.

As always, thank you for being here.


A (mindful) change of scenery...


A (mindful) change of scenery...

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