8 weekend activities for the month of November

Can you believe there’s only two months left of 2019?! In order to make the most of the time left, I’ve created a little guide for things to do in November. I find it’s always a strange month trapped in between Autumn and Christmas, but there are luckily plenty of things you can do!

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Celebrate Thanksgiving

Originally a Christian American tradition (from 1621!) celebrating the harvest, Thanksgiving is now dedicated to friends, family and plenty of food! In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, on the 28th. Why not cook up a hearty dinner for your loved ones and send grateful thought to the year that passed? As I’m born and raised in Northern Europe (Denmark), I didn’t grow up with this tradition, but it’s definitely one that I intend to practice in the years to come. I you’re wondering what to eat, you’ll never go wrong with turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Yum.

thanksgiving dinner
Photo credit. Hanna Busing

Get cosy with games & puzzles

A no-brainer, really. But in these digital times, you’ll be surprised what a bit of board gaming and puzzle can do for your mental health and happiness. I don’t know about you, but I still have a drawer full of puzzles and games from my childhood, and I intend on putting them back into use with my son. No phone, no laptop – just a bit of quality time in front of the fireplace (if you have one!) What kind of games do you enjoy playing?

autumn mood
Photo credit: Daniel James


Take a ceramics course

Before you call me out for being a total grandma, let me tell you that ceramics is the new thing amongst creatives – or anyone who needs a break in daily life, really. It’s not complicated and you’ll immediately feel the calming effects of creating something with your hands (other than typing on your laptop or phone).
I’m not the only one showing interest for ceramics; there are several courses catering to both beginners and pro’s (and even children!) A quick Google search will reveal where and when.

If you’re in Berlin, check out this place.

ceramics course berlin
Photo credit: Katja Vogt


Enjoy a spa day

I guess I don’t have to convince you to go to the spa. But sometimes, it can actually take a bit of convincing to leave the comfiness of our homes (when we finally get home from work, tired!) You heard it here; a monthly spa day will increase your overall well-being and inner peace – I know it does that to me! And isn’t November just the perfect month for a bit of self-pampering? I think so.
Go alone or soak up in wellness heaven with your friend(s) – the choice is yours. And there are plenty of day spa’s and even hotel spa’s to choose from (more and more hotels are opening up for day spa visitors).
If you’re in Berlin, why don’t you check out Vabali? Or Amazing Space, if you’re in Copenhagen.

home spa day
Photo credit: Nico


Craft an Autumn wreath

Another soothing activity for your November could be wreath making. As a child, I patiently watched my mother as she created beautiful Christmas wreaths made of spruce and silk ribbon. I still can’t do it as good as her, but I intend on practicing, e.g. by making an Autumn wreath for my door. There are many ways how to do this, but the best thing is that you can simply use objects found in nature. That and a bit of patience and some ribbon, perhaps. Click here for inspiration.

autumn wreath
Photo credit: Georgia de Lotz


Carve a pumpkin (and cook with it, too!)

If you have children, this is a wonderful activity to practice, not only for Halloween, but long into November as well! Carve a pumpkin, decorate it with lights and put it next to your front door to create a cosy Autumn atmosphere. Or even better: prepare the pumpkin and use it for dinner! Pumpkin salad, pumpkin pie, pumpkin fried, pumpkin soup… the list goes on. And it’s both delicious and nutritious!

Photo credit: Priscilla du Preez


Knit your own soft plaid

If you haven’t noticed my love for creative fiddlings by now, here’s the ice breaker: knitting your own plaid! It sounds hard, but all it takes is time and patience. And a lot of free evenings to make it happen! 🙂 I’m seriously thinking about starting my DIY plaid project this November and urge you to do the same, if you’re looking for a soothing, creative hobby.
I found a lot of inspiration for this on Pinterest. Simply search for DIY knitting plaid and the results will roll in.

knit a plaid
Photo credit: Rocknwool


Explore your local community

Autumn is always a good season to explore your local neighborhood and engage in the community. Cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa in your local café, find and support local farmer’s markets and shop your Christmas presents in local boutiques. It’s a bit more fun than buying the same as everyone else.
No matter where you live, I’m sure your local community (or one close to you, at least!) is full of surprises and venues worth exploring. And you’re even doing something good, at the same time: supporting local life!

explore local community
Photo credit: Andrew Spencer


What are you planning on doing this month? Leave a comment below and let’s inspire each other!

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8 weekend activities for the month of November

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