5 Swedish boutique hotels to keep an eye on

No one quite does it like the Swedes when it comes to comfort and style. This is, of course, also reflected in their approach to hospitality and boutique hotels, which are sprouting like never before. Just take a look at these five stunning properties…
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Lydmar, Stockholm

Located right at the harbor in Stockholm, Lydmar Hotel is the epitome of the Swedish capital; chic with a touch of Scandinavian warmth and “hygge”. Be it winter or summer, Stockholm is always a good idea, and Lydmar is a great choice for a hotel! All rooms are individually designed, but kept in soft brown neutral tones with textiles such a silk and velvet to create a calm yet luxurious ambience. The dining room guests are an eclectic mix of world travelers and locals, visiting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy a cocktail and an intimate concert at The Patio, one of Lydmar’s outdoor settings, or go indulge yourself in the spa next door at the Grand Hôtel (guests at Lydmar Hotel have access to both spa and fitness facilities at the grand old neighboring hotel).

For more information: Lydmar Hotel

lydmar hotel stockholm
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The Vault, Helsingborg

Nestling in an old bank vault from the beginning of the 20th century, this hotel is an experience for all senses! A place where history meets modern age, this 56-room boutique hotel is well thought through. Everything from the pink and gold accents in the interior to the champagne brunch contributes to making your stay at The Vault a glamorous one.
Visiting the wine bar at The Vault is a little like visiting that loud, extravagant globetrotting friend – surprising and filled to the brim with exciting stories. Helsingborg is an ideal location for a weekend getaway for the Copenhageners, and if you ask the Swedes, Helsingborg is the friendliest city in Sweden. So there’s really no excuse!

For more information: The Vault

the vault helsingborg

Wanås Restaurant Hotel, Skåne

Combine art, nature and serene surroundings and you get Wanås Restaurant Hotel in the Southern Swedish region of Skåne.  While The Vault in Helsingborg is located in the city, this boutique hotel is for the city slickers longing for nature. The 11-room hotel is located on the property of Wanås Konst; a sculpture park featuring installations by Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic and Jeppe Hein, just to name a few. Guests at the hotel can enjoy free access to the sculpture park, so take a stroll (preferably just before closing time) and your only companions will be the red squirrels. The rooms have been designed with the belief that less is more. Focus is on local produce here at Wanås Hotel. Not only in the restaurant, which is frequently visited by travelers coming from afar to have a taste of the local delights, but also in the rooms where materials such as oak and leather are produced by local artisans. A visit to Wanås Hot l is a stylish and soul soothing experience not to be missed.

For more information: Wanås Hotel

hotel wanås skåne
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The More Hotel, Lund

The charming city of Lund is one of the oldest in Sweden and its cobbled streets and colored houses make for a picturesque weekend getaway. Stay at The More Hotel that offers studio apartments at affordable rates plus a great, central location.
Built in an old railway depot from 1906, this modern hotel is set in a lovely historical atmosphere. The More Hotel wants to give you the comfort of home in a hotel, which is why there’s a fully equipped kitchen in each room and bike hire on site. Don’t want to cook? Try the award-winning restaurant Vendels Matrum on site or go explore the city of Lund.

More information: The More Hotel

the more hotel lund


Treehotel, Harads

“Staying in a treehouse? No thanks, I’m an adult!”, you might say? But in Treehotel, you don’t have to compromise on comfort! Located about an hour’s drive from Luleå airport in Northern Sweden, this relatively remote hotel will still keep you busy. Ice fishing, zip-lining and dog-sledding are just some of the activities that can be pursued here. Each hut is individually designed by various Scandinavian architects and all are suspended 4-6 meters above ground in the old pine trees. If you’re lucky, you get 1st class views of the Northern lights!  The restaurant offers local and handpicked produce – they serve reindeer meat, wild moose and handpicked berries from the forest, but vegetarians are of course catered to as well. What are you waiting for? Do your younger self a favor and go sleep in a tree house!

More information: Treehotel

treehotel harads sweden


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5 Swedish boutique hotels to keep an eye on

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