5 book recommendations: Travel & Adventure

For Christmas presents or for yourself; these books are perfect to indulge in during the next couple of months. Here are my current book recommendations on travel and adventure. 


The undiscovered islands

Malachy Tallack

the undiscovered islands

A book for true explorers and adventurers! In The Un-discovered Islands, author Malachy Tallack takes us on a journey to the mysterious and fascinating corners of the map. Hold your breath while you travel to forgotten and disappeared islands and more “well-known” destinations such as Atlantis and the frozen Thule. It’s a product of your imagination and highly fascinating if you, like me, love to dream yourself away to distant skies. Cause let’s be honest: mankind have explored Mother Earth for centuries, but are we really acquainted with all corners? The answer is no. €17 on Amazon. 


The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs

Elaine Sciolino

the only street in paris

If you love Paris – this book is an absolute must on your bookshelf! Author Elaine Sciolino, who’s also the former Paris bureau chief of the New York Times, vividly describes her favorite street in Paris, Rue des Martyrs, and invites us on a guided tour. It’s like time has stopped on this particular street, and you get a glimpse of a Paris that soon only exists in the story books. It’s romantic, charming and highly addictive! The book is beautifully depicting street life as it should be – and as we should remember it. €12,50 on Amazon. 


Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders

Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras & Ella Morton

atlas obscura

The very name of this book sounds appealing – at least if you’re a true adventurer! Atlas Obscura is a travel guide, but not for ordinary people: it’s written for explorer’s who’s longing to see, feel and taste both bizarre and amazing corners of this world. In the book, you’ll find descriptions of the weirdest destinations, but also the most beautiful ones; the hidden places and the remote corners no one dares to explore. It covers events, rituals and traditions from all over the planet. The best part? You can sit in the comfort of your own living room and really feel that you’re embarking on an exhibition to the North Pole (or wherever!) Just remarkable! €38 on Saxo.com. 


One-Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns in Italy

Paolo Lazzarin


I guess I’m not the only one with a thing for Italy?! If you, too, could get lost in day dreams involving picturesque villages, warm summer nights at the Amalfi Coast, freshly made pasta and prosecco, then I urge you to get a copy of this book. One-Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns in Italy covers small, charming Italian villages off the beaten path (OK, so let’s forget about Amalfi for a moment!) located in 20 different regions. Each town and region is represented with a tip on e.g. where to buy the best parmiggiano or enjoy a sunset drink. Not that we needed an excuse to go to Italy, but this book allows you to dream even further than the “regular” cities of Rome, Venice and Florence. €17 on Amazon. 


Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

Benjamin Grant

Not a traditional travel book, but certainly one that sticks to your memory! Benjamin Grant’s ‘Overview’ is basically a unique collection of satellite images of Earth. It gives us an extraordinary new view of humans and nature covering anything from industry and landscapes to architecture and agriculture. This visual journey allows you to dream – and it reminds you that we live in a breath-taking planet, which we need to take care of. Perfect as a coffee table book! €22 on Amazon. 


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